What is the difference between SAE 80 and SAE 80W 90?

It just thins less than a straight 80w would, ending up as thick as a 90w would be when warm. Unless there’s some unusual reason your ATV must have straight weight, 70w-80 would be the way to go. Then it will be the proper viscosity when warm.

Can I use 85W140 instead of 80W90?

85w140 syn is the way to go, still better cold flow than regular 80w90 and much better protection.

What’s the difference between 75 90 and 80 90 gear oil?

SAE 75W-90 maintains a more consistent thickness, or viscosity, across a wide temperature range. It’s thicker when exposed to high heat and thinner under colder, wintry conditions than 80W-90. The use of 75W-90 gear oil is recognized by OEMs as a contributor to overall fuel economy.

Is 85W140 thicker than 80W90?

Which gear oil is thicker, 80W 90 or 85W 140? – Quora. Short answer: 85W140 is thicker.

Can I use 80W-90 instead of 75w85?

Very close viscosity. Most diffs were designed with 75W-90 in mind. Going to 75W-85 was a fuel-economy-boosting endeavor. AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-90 is designed to replace, 75W-90, 75W-85, 80W-90, SAE 80 or SAE 90 gear oils. It can replace any of these with no worries or risk.

What’s the difference between 75W 90 and 80W 90 gear oil?

Numbers of 60 and higher indicate gear oil while lower numbers indicate engine oil. This means 75W-90 and 80W-90 are both gear oil. The 75W-90 gear oil is used under extreme pressure conditions and is recommended for limited-slip differentials and for use in colder climates.

When to use SAE 90 vs.80w90?

80W90 means the oil flows like a 80 weight oil cold, yet lubricates like a 90 weight oil when hot as defined by the SAE test procedure. Use it when SAE 90 is specified. My tractor manual specifies SAE 90 for my front diff & finals. Is 80W90 the same? I don’t see straight 90 anywhere. Any brands better than others? Click to expand…

What kind of gear oil should I use?

80W-90. The 80W-90 gear oil can be used in extreme pressure conditions and as a lubricant for non-synchronized manual transmissions in heavy duty trucks or buses. This gear oil is recommended for conventional and limited slip differentials.

Can you use automotive 80w90 gear oil on a hydro electric outboard?

You can use automotive 80w90 as long as it meets or exceeds GL-5 specs. If you look at a bottle of marine 90 weight it will say it meets or exceeds GL-5 specs. Unless you have a hydro-electric shift outboard then you must use Type-C.