What is the ethnic origin of a name?

Ethnic origin refers to a person’s ‘roots’ and should not be confused with his or her citizenship, nationality, language or place of birth. For example, a person who has Canadian citizenship, speaks Panjabi (Punjabi) and was born in the United States may be of Guyanese ethnic origin.

Is Karas a Greek name?

As a Jewish name it is mainly an ornamental name. Greek: from a nickname meaning ‘black’ (see Caras). Hungarian: topographic name for someone living by the Karas river, a tributary of the river Danube, named with Turkish kara ‘black’ + sug ‘water’.

Where is the surname Karas from?

Polish (Karas); Hungarian (Kárász); Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Slovenian (Prekmurje), and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from Slavic karas ‘crucian carp’, hence a metonymic occupational name for a carp fisher or possibly a nickname for someone with a fishlike appearance. As a Jewish name it is mainly an ornamental name.

Where does the name Danesh come from?

Danesh or Danish (دانش) is a Persian word which literally translates to “knowledge”, “science” and “wisdom”. It is a popular Muslim name in the Indian subcontinent.

What is the most common Greek last name?

Most Common Last Names In Greece

Rank Surname Incidence
1 Papadopoulos 59,044
2 Papadopoulou 37,804
3 Papageorgiou 23,713
4 Oikonomou 21,370

What do Greek last names end with?

Most Greek patronymics end with suffixes like -opoulos, -oglou, or -idis. A good example of a patronymic name is Alexopoulos, which means “descendant of Alexios”. This name consists of the personal name Alexios and the -opoulos suffix which signifies family lineage.

What does Karas mean in Hebrew?

― Vishal Khatri 10/22/2017. Kara is a Sephardic (Jews of Spain and Portugal) family name often spelled Caro/Karo/Cara/Kara sometimes changed to Carr or Karr. It literally means “to call”,”to proclaim”, or in this case “to read” and is in reference reading the text of the Torah (Hebrew bible).

What does Danish mean in Urdu?

Danish is a Muslim Boy Name, it has multiple Islamic meaning, the best Danish name meaning is Knowledge, and in Urdu it means علم عقل شعور. The name is English originated name, the associated lucky number is 2. نام