What is the function of Opisthonephros?

The opisthonephros is the functional adult kidney in lampreys (cyclostomes), most fishes, and amphibians. It is formed from the extended mesonephros along with tubules from the posterior nephric ridge. The functional embryonic kidney in anamniotes is the pronephros.

What is mesonephric and metanephric kidney?

Mesonephros develops by the formation of mesonephric tubules from the intermediate mesoderm, it is the principal excretory organ during early embryonic life (4—8 weeks). Metanephros arises caudal to the mesonephros at five weeks of development; it is the permanent and functional kidney in higher vertebrates.

Which is the example of Metanephros?

Metanephros, permanent kidney in reptiles, birds, and mammals, developing by the 10th week in human embryos from the lower part of the Wolffian duct, and replacing the embryonic structure called the mesonephros.

What is mesonephric?

: either member of the second and midmost of the three paired vertebrate renal organs that functions in adult fishes and amphibians but functions only in the embryo of reptiles, birds, and mammals in which it is replaced by a metanephros in the adult — compare metanephros, pronephros.

What Cyclostomata called?

Cyclostomata /sɪkloʊˈstɒmətə/ is a group of agnathans that comprises the living jawless fishes: the lampreys and hagfishes. The name Cyclostomata means “round mouths”.

Are lampreys mesonephros and Metanephros?

Lampreys, the most primitive vertebrates, develop both mesonephric and metanephric kidney tissue (together referred to as the opistonephros) which run much of the length of the body. This system is typical of the lower vertebrates. In the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral segments, the mesonephros forms.

Is most primitive type of kidney?

The most primitive type of vertebrate kidney, the pronephros, is functional in early larvae of anamniotes (fish and amphibians).

Is kidney mesoderm or endoderm?

Intermediate mesoderm forms the kidneys, ureters and the vasculature. Splanchnopleuric mesoderm forms the smooth muscle and connective tissue of the bladder. Endoderm forms the bladder and urethra. Neural crest cells form the autonomic nervous system of the kidney.

What is Metanephrous?

: either member of the final and most caudal pair of the three successive pairs of vertebrate renal organs that functions as a permanent adult kidney in reptiles, birds, and mammals but is not present at all in lower forms — compare mesonephros, pronephros.

What is Archinephros in zoology?

The archinephros is a primitive kidney that has been retained by the larvae of hagfish and some caecilians. It also occurs in the embryos of higher animals as the simplest kind of excretory organ. The archinephros is nonfunctional in humans and other mammals.

What is the intermediate mesoderm?

Intermediate mesoderm is defined as the anatomic region that lies between the paraxial and lateral plate mesoderm.

What is Pronephric?

Pronephros, most primitive of the three vertebrate kidneys, active in the adults of some primitive fish (lampreys and hagfish), the embryos of more advanced fish, and the larvae of amphibians. In more advanced vertebrates the pronephros is the first kidney to develop in the embryo.