What is the funniest scene in Naruto?

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments Ever

  • #8: Sai Calls Sakura Ugly.
  • #7: Haku Reveals He’s a Boy.
  • #6: Kaguya’s Weakness.
  • #5: Naruto Drinks Expired Milk.
  • #4: 1,000 Years of Death.
  • #3: Beneath the Mask.
  • #2: Himawari Knocks Out Naruto.
  • #1: Naruto & Sasuke’s First Kiss.

What is the best moment in Naruto?

Because Naruto Shippuden is so full of incredible moments, it’s impossible to name them all – but these 15 truly stand out….The 15 Most Epic Moments From ‘Naruto Shippuden’

  1. Naruto Returns To Konoha.
  2. Madara Fights Might Guy.
  3. Minato Destroys Obito.
  4. Team 10 Gets Revenge.
  5. Sasuke Battles Itachi.

What is the most iconic scene in Naruto?

Naruto: Each Main Character’s Most Iconic Scene

  • 7 Rock Lee – Dropping His Weights.
  • 6 Itachi Uchiha – Killing The Uchiha Clan.
  • 5 Hinata Hyuga – Fighting Alongside Naruto Against Pain.
  • 4 Kakashi Hatake – Using Chidori For The First Time.
  • 3 Jiraiya – His Death.
  • 2 Sasuke Uchiha – Intervenes At The 5 Kage Summit.

What is the funniest episode of Naruto Shippuden?

Best Episodes Of Naruto Shippuden According To IMDb

  1. 1 Naruto And Sasuke, Episode 477 (9.6)
  2. 2 Kakashi Vs.
  3. 3 The Final Battle, Episode 476 (9.3)
  4. 4 The Sage Of The Six Paths, Episode 421 (9.3)
  5. 5 The Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant, Episode 133 (9.3)
  6. 6 Congratulations, Episode 474 (9.2)
  7. 7 The Ties That Bind, Episode 364 (9.2)

Why does Kakashi wear a mask?

The closest thing to an official reason behind Kakashi’s mask comes from the non-canon “Naruto” spinoff series “Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth.” According to the Narutopedia, an episode of this comedy anime reveals that he wears the mask to hide the nosebleeds he gets while reading his favorite book series, “Makeout …

Does Naruto swear?

There is no sex or bad language, though some of the characters drink smoke and flirt. It’s best for more mature kids who don’t get ideas.

Who is the most handsome in Naruto?

2 – Sasori ⇒ He is one of the best drawn character in Naruto. 3 – Sasuke Uchiha ⇒ Sasuke, the hottest of all The awesome and handsome, the one and only, the avenger and the last 4 – Kakashi Hatake ⇒ Oh don’t get with me started on Kakashi. 5 –. Jul 07, · Sauske uchicha is the most handsome shinobi in Naruto series.

Should you watch Naruto before Naruto Shippuden?

You don’t really have to watch the first part of Naruto before the Shippuden part, but I strongly recommend you to watch it. There are several reasons of why you should watch the first part (or at least read the manga): – Character development:

Is Naruto the best anime ever?

Here are some of the best. Naruto is one of the most successful anime and manga series, both in Japan and across the world, and has amassed a legion of loyal fans since first debuting in Shonen Jump way back in 1999.

Is Naruto better than Naruto Shippuden?

Shippuden Naruto has a better character design. I’d say that Naruto was better than Shippuden content wise as the first few arcs in Naruto up through Oorchimaru’s invasion were great where as Pain’s Invasion was the only real stand out arc from Shippuden. Part 1 Naruto is definitely better.

Is Naruto and Naruto Shippuden the same thing?

Naruto vs Naruto Shippuden. • Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are anime series’ based upon the same fictitious ninja character Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto . • Naruto was the beginning of the manga while Shippuden is the later on chronicles of Naruto. • The story of Naruto Shippuden takes place after 2 ½ years and so, the characters are more mature.