What is the most accurate TenPoint crossbow?

TenPoint Vapor RS470 XERO
The TenPoint Vapor RS470 XERO is the industry’s most powerful, most accurate long-range crossbow ever made.

Are Excalibur crossbows any good?

Many users consider it the most accurate and powerful. Excalibur crossbows bear the flag of power and durability. Built based on power load limbs, this crossbow delivers speed as well as comfort. I’d say for the money; it is the best pick from the Excalibur lot!

How fast is a TenPoint Titan Xtreme?

The Titan Xtreme will reach speeds up to 333 feet per second with Ten Point’s Pro Lite arrow. These speeds are reached with just 180 pounds of draw and a 12.5 inch power stroke. The TenPoint Titan Xtreme also includes Ten Point’s 3X Pro-View 2 scope, three Magnum XX75 arrows, and a quiver.

How long do Excalibur crossbow limbs last?

Registered. Yer Excal will last a lifetime, the string servin will wear out & you will need to reserve the string. Strings can last up to 1200 shots with good maintainance.

Does TenPoint make good crossbows?

Final Thoughts. TenPoint crossbows are some of the best bows on the market. They have outstanding scopes, cocking, and de-cocking systems, and are usually very compact and lightweight. They also have options for beginner hunters and experienced hunters.

Is it OK to leave a crossbow cocked overnight?

Do not leave your crossbow cocked for longer than a 24-hour period, as premature stretching of the string and cables may occur, leading to a loss in crossbow performance.

Are Excalibur crossbows worth the money?

Excalibur Matrix GRZ 2 The GRZ 2 is a damn good crossbow for the money, built on the foundation of the proven Matrix power load limbs gives the GRZ 2 a nice amount of speed up to 305 fps. The feather lite skeletonized stock keeps the bow nice and light and well balanced while still remaining rugged and durable.

How fast does a ten point Titan crossbow shoot?

370 FPS

Length (w/o foot stirrup) 32.5″
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 14″ / 9″
Power Stroke 14″
Weight (w/out accessories) 6.4 lbs.
Speed/KE: Pro Light Carbon Arrow (370-grains) 370 FPS / 113 FP KE

How much does a TenPoint crossbow weigh?

TenPoint Stealth XLT Crossbow Review

Model Draw Weight Crossbow Length / Weight
TenPoint Stealth XLT Check price on Amazon.com 185 lbs. 37.30″ / 7.3 lbs.

How far will a crossbow shoot accurately?

As with most vertical bow hunters, effective range for a crossbow is about 40 yards. At this distance most hunters are able to fire a crossbow accurately enough to be lethal. Just like vertical bows, kinetic energy is the name of the game.

How long will a crossbow last?

Cool and dry storage prolongs the life of your crossbow. Provided you can access the parts and accessories you need, you can keep a crossbow in top working condition for decades. With proper care and maintenance a crossbow can last 15 years or more.

Is the Tenpoint Titan Xtreme a good crossbow?

Welcome to my Crossbow Review of the TenPoint Titan Xtreme. This terrific entry-level crossbow should provide a lifetime of hunting pleasure. Each package delivered by TenPoint includes the following items: Putting the TenPoint Titan Xtreme together is fast and easy.

What’s the FPS of a ten point crossbow?

The Ten Point Titan Xtreme is advertised at 333 fps with the Pro Lite arrow and we chronographed our test model at 335 fps. However, keep in mind the bow package includes TenPoint’s Magnum XX75 aluminum arrows. These arrows weigh 65 grains more and deliver slightly more kinetic energy downrange.

How much kinetic energy does a Titan crossbow have?

The Titan Xtreme blasts the included arrows off the rail at 333 fps with 104 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy. Unfortunately, these arrows are aluminum and bend or break pretty easily. I replaced the arrows with Firebolt arrows and field tips, making my total arrow weight 425-gr.

How much weight does the Tenpoint Titan extreme have?

The TenPoint Titan Extreme has 180lb. draw weight, which is definitely too much for normal shooters to pull by hand. I always recommend using at least a rope-cocking device, since this ensures an even and consistent draw every time (try giving the Jandao rope device a try).