What is the most interesting fact about Mercury?

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun at a distance of 57 million kilometers / 35 million miles. Out of all the terrestrial planets, Mercury is the smallest. It is also the smallest planet in the Solar System. Despite being so small, Mercury is the second-densest planet in the Solar System after Earth.

What is a weird fact about Mercury?

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and is also the smallest of the eight planets in our solar system. For every 2 orbits of the Sun, which takes around 88 Earth days, Mercury completes three rotations of its axis. It is gravitationally locked and this rotation is unique to the solar system.

What are the main features of Mercury?

Mercury is the second densest planet after Earth, with a huge metallic core roughly 2,200 to 2,400 miles (3,600 to 3,800 kilometers) wide, or about 75% of the planet’s diameter. In comparison, Mercury’s outer shell is only 300 to 400 miles (500 to 600 km) thick.

Where is the shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne?

Shrine of Remembrance. The Shrine of Remembrance (commonly known among locals as The Shrine) is a war memorial in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located in Kings Domain on St Kilda Road.

How many Victorians died at the shrine of Remembrance?

It now provides a place of remembrance for Australian service and sacrifice in all wars since Australia’s Federation in 1901. Of the 114,000 Victorians who enlisted in the First World War, 89,000 served abroad and 19,000 died.

How many objects are in the shrine of Remembrance?

Housed under the Shrine, explore over 800 objects, photographs, uniforms and works of art that illustrate the experiences of Australians at war and in peacekeeping operations from the 1850s to today. Immerse yourself in the visual world of three contemporary artists who explore the experience of being a recent veteran.

Who was the winner of the shrine of Remembrance?

A total of 83 entries were submitted, and in December 1923 the design offered by two Melbourne architects (and war veterans), Phillip Hudson and James Wardrop, was announced as the winner.