What is the most realistic artificial grass?

SynLawn is one of the best-known and respected artificial grass manufacturers. Their products are also very realistic, though the material is different. SynLawn products are made entirely in the United States, using BioCel Technology.

What is the best thing to put under artificial grass?

Silica sand is the most common and effective option of sand infill. This sand is often made specifically for artificial grass. This sand infill supports protection from UV rays, which means your turf will look amazing for longer. Acrylic sand infill is another popular choice for artificial grass.

How much does it cost to put down artificial grass?

If you’re in New South Wales, you might want to take your time in finding the best deal for an artificial turf. Businesses in this state charge around $90/m2 for an installation or repair job. To ensure a high-quality job, you should hire experienced businesses to handle your artificial turf installation and repair.

Can weeds grow through artificial grass?

As long as your artificial grass is laid with the proper surface preparation there will be no weeds growing through the turf.

What should I look for when buying artificial grass?

Artificial grass comes in a variety of pile heights, depending on it’s intended use. Longer grasses, around 30mm mark, will give a lush, luxurious look, whereas shorter, 16-27mm grass will look neater, and is more suitable for kids or pets. Good quality grass should be weighty, with a weight of 2-3kg per metre square.

Do you need underlay for fake grass?

Do I need underlay for artificial grass? You should use underlay for your artificial grass and we recommend using a 5mm or 10mm performance pad, particularly for the permanent installation of artificial grass on decking, concrete or other hard surfaces.

What is the best base for a lawn?

A lawn grows best on well drained medium loam, if your soil is like this, your preparation can be minimal, but if the soil is clay or sandy, you’ll need to do more work. With heavy clay soils, you should add sharp sand, well decomposed manure, garden compost or rotted leaves.

Can I just lay artificial grass on soil?

If you’re installing artificial grass atop well-draining soil, you’ll have little to no problems. This is because synthetic grass drains great. If on top of poorly draining soil, install an efficient drainage system.

How long has Wolf Garten been making lawns?

More than 50 years of research on lawns speaks for itself. WOLF-Garten works with a great deal of passion and technical knowledge so that an area of grass becomes your longed-for dream lawn. Discover the complete range!

How does a Wolf Garten lawn mower work?

The suction effect of the stream of air aligns the grass stalks (blue arrows), even with tall and damp grass, producing wonderfully even cutting results. At the same time it prevents any blockage of the discharge duct and ensures optimal filling of the catch basket.

What kind of lawn shears do Wolf Garten use?

The hand grass shears from WOLF-Garten bring ragged edges back into line and ensure that the grass does not spread into the flowerbed. The bigger your garden, the more you will enjoy a set of cordless shears with LI-ION POWER technology – to get your lawn edges into order all the more quickly.

Can a Wolf Garten lawn trimmer cut back tall grass?

Using a lawn trimmer from WOLF-Garten, you can cut back tall grass even in the most inaccessible corners of your garden. A four-way angled handle makes this possible. Handling is extremely comfortable: change the spool in a moment with the “Click” system. A deep and even green need not be just a dream.