What is the Peng treasure in Dead Space?

The Peng Treasure is an item in Dead Space found in Chapter 11 of the campaign. The item itself represents a small golden statue of a woman. It is worth 30,000 store credits, but unlike most other items in the game, it is only obtainable once without glitching or hacking.

What are the secret achievements in Dead Space 3?

Secret Achievements (are revealed only after their discovery)

Infernal Machine Get to the alien machine – complete Chapter 18.
Intestinal Fortitude Defeat the monster Hive Mind in chapter 12.
Shoot for the Moon Defeat The Moon – you get this achievement after completing chapter 19.

What are ration seals for in Dead Space 3?

Ration Seals are special items not found anywhere in the world and must be found by Scavenger Bots. Instead of being used to make things, like the resources above, these Seals can be traded for Resource Packs at any Bench. The prices of resource packs are 10, 30, or 60 seals.

Should I sell Peng Dead Space?

Once you obtain the Peng Treasure, you will unlock an Achievement/Trophy titled “There’s Always Peng!” Which is worth 15 on Xbox 360, and a Bronze Trophy on PlayStation 3. The Peng Treasure can be sold in a Store for 30,000 Credits, making it the most valuable treasure found in the game.

Where is the Peng treasure in Dead Space 3?

In Dead Space 3, The Peng Treasure is found in Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place, during the optional mission to the Reaper’s Barracks. The Treasure can be found in the end of the first tube behind the spiked piston. An upgraded Kinesis is required to reach the treasure.

What is the best gun in Dead Space 3?

Purchases of the Dead Space 3 Limited Edition come with both the Evangelizer and Negotiator. The Evangelizer is a unique Carbine/shotgun hybrid. You’ll want to swap out the Carbine eventually, but the Evangelizer Shotgun tip is the best in the game, giving you an immediate advantage across all of your playthroughs.

How do you unlock classic mode in Dead Space 3?

Classic Mode is unlocked after you complete Dead Space 3 and is apart of New Game Plus. Classic Mode goes back to the original Dead Space ways. It changes the games look slightly and adds in world aiming. In addition to that Necromorph damage is slightly increased and Co-op play is disabled.

Where is the Peng treasure in Dead Space?

hangar bay
In Dead Space The Peng Treasure is only accessible in Chapter 11 of the game, but the Treasure can be seen in Chapter 1: New Arrivals; The Treasure can be found and picked up by Kinesis in a dividing lane between two entry lanes in the hangar bay. It is located on the floor between the two large walkways.

How do you align solar panels in Dead Space 2?

To align the two solar panels, locate them using the guideline (R3). The targeting window of each solar arm should be bracketing the solar panel of the Sprawl (not the sun) for proper alignment. With both mis-aligned solar panels lined-up, head back into the pod. Time for some free-fall fun.

What do you get for beating Dead Space 3?

Game Completion Unlocks Dead Space Legends Suit Set – Unlocked by completing Dead Space 3 on any difficulty. +3 CLP Circuit Set – Unlocked by completing Dead Space 3 on Casual difficulty. +3 RLD Circuit Set – Unlocked by completing Dead Space 3 on Normal difficulty.

What is the best suit in Dead Space 2?

The Advanced Suit
The Advanced Suit has a special feature that halves Stasis recharge time, further enhancing the lethality of the Advanced Suit. It is the best suit available in the first playthrough of Dead Space 2.

What is the best weapon in Dead Space?

10 Of The Best Weapons In The Dead Space Franchise

  1. 1 Pulse Rifle. The pulse rifle can be considered a regular assault rifle.
  2. 2 Detonator. The Detonator is a gun that fires laser-trip mines.
  3. 3 Javelin Gun.
  4. 4 Force Gun.
  5. 5 Flamethrower.
  6. 6 Ripper.
  7. 7 Contact Beam.
  8. 8 Line Gun.

Is the Peng treasure worth anything in Dead Space 2?

It is not worth anything unlike previous games, other than the Achievement/Trophy “There’s Always Peng!”. The Peng Treasure has the smallest value in Dead Space 2, but the Treasure is worth obtaining due to what you find in the room with it: Two, and on very rare occasions, three Power Nodes can be found in the same room as the Treasure.

What can you do with the Peng treasure?

The Peng Treasure can be useful when you need spending money for weapons, Power Nodes, ammunition, Health Packs and Stasis packs. According to several online dictionary services, the definition of “Peng” is “an attractive woman.”

Where to find Chapter 7 in Dead Space 2?

To find this, you need to play Chapter 7: The Solar Array. Locate the mainframe room. In one of the rooms (it’s the left one, if the holo-emitters are behind Isaac) will display in blue when the circuit-plugs are inserted in another order.

How to unlock the mainframe in Dead Space?

After using Watchman Phillips’ corpse to unlock the door of his office and navigating three successive corridors to come upon the mainframe room, there are two chambers you must enter to defeat the mainframe’s lockout.