What is the return value of execute query?

Although the ExecuteNonQuery returns no rows, any output parameters or return values mapped to parameters are populated with data. For UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements, the return value is the number of rows affected by the command. For all other types of statements, the return value is -1.

How to return a value from a stored procedure?

What is Return Value in SQL Server Stored Procedure?

  1. Right Click and select Execute Stored Procedure.
  2. If the procedure, expects parameters, provide the values and click OK.
  3. Along with the result that you expect, the stored procedure also returns a Return Value = 0.

How procedure return value in SQL?

The RETURN statement is used to unconditionally and immediately terminate an SQL procedure by returning the flow of control to the caller of the stored procedure. It is mandatory that when the RETURN statement is executed that it return an integer value. If the return value is not provided, the default is 0.

How do you return a value from a stored procedure in VBA?

Several ways are possible to get values back using VBA.

  1. Recordset.
  2. Count of records affected (only for Insert/Update/Delete otherwise -1)
  3. Output parameter.
  4. Return value.

Is a procedure that not return a value?

A Sub procedure does not return a value to the calling code. You call it explicitly with a stand-alone calling statement. You cannot call it by simply using its name within an expression.

Does return type void?

______________ have the return type void. Explanation: Constructor creates an Object and Destructor destroys the object. They are not supposed to return anything, not even void. Explanation: void fundamental type is used in the cases of a and c.

Which of the following will not return a value null void empty free?

1. Which of the following will not return a value? Explanation: Because void represents an empty set of values so nothing will be return. 2.

How to retrieve recordset and return in Ado?

The author of the LessThanDot article takes the approach of reading the recordset into an array but that would require significant changes to the logic of my calling programs. I guess the only solution is to make two calls to the sproc…1) get the return value, then 2) get the recordset. Not very efficient!

Why does ADO command not return correct values?

For example, if there were four (or more) parameters and you wanted to pass new values for only the first and fourth parameters, you would pass Array (var1,,,var4) as the Parameters argument. Output parameters will not return correct values when passed in the Parameters argument.

How to override parameters in Ado command method?

If the query has parameters, the current values for the Command object’s parameters are used unless you override these with parameter values passed with the Execute call. You can override a subset of the parameters by omitting new values for some of the parameters when calling the Execute method.

How to get binary stream from ADO command?

To obtain a binary stream, specify adExecuteStream in Options, then supply a stream by setting Command.Properties (“Output Stream”). An ADO Stream object can be specified to receive the results, or another stream object such as the IIS Response object can be specified.