What is the scientific classification of crocodile?

Crocodiles/Scientific names

What kind of species is a crocodile?

Crocodiles are large reptiles found in tropical regions of Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. They are members of the order Crocodilia, which also includes caimans, gharials and alligators. There are 13 species of crocodiles, so there are many different sizes of crocodile.

What family do crocodiles belong to?


What order is crocodile in?

order Crocodylia
Crocodile, (order Crocodylia, or Crocodilia), any of 23 species of generally large, ponderous, amphibious animals of lizard-like appearance and carnivorous habit belonging to the reptile order Crocodylia. Crocodiles have powerful jaws with many conical teeth and short legs with clawed webbed toes.

What is a predator of a crocodile?

Although adult crocodiles have no natural predators other than humans, hatchlings have a high mortality rate and are preyed upon by other wildlife including raccoons, birds, and crabs.

What are the three types of crocodile?

There are three species of crocodilians—saltwater, Mugger and Gharial.

Who would win alligator or crocodile?

Of the two reptiles, the crocodile would win in a face to face combat. Although the alligator is faster, here are the reasons why the crocodile would win: Crocodiles are usually bigger and heavier. Crocs have a more lethal bite due to their size and strength.

Who kills crocodile in one piece?

In the final moments the cannon is stopped, Luffy finally defeats Crocodile, and uses the last of his energy to save King Cobra and Nico Robin. Most importantly, it begins to rain, ending the civil war and the drought that caused it.

What is the biggest crocodile ever?

The largest one ever officially measured was Lolong, who was a saltwater crocodile who measured 20 feet 3 inches long and weighed 2,370 pounds. Unfortunately, he died of congestive heart failure in February 2013. The largest crocodile alive is Cassius who is about 100 years old.

How many species of crocodiles are there in the world?

Also known as “True crocodiles”, the family Crocodylidae has 3 genera and 14 species. The largest representatives of this family are the Nile crocodiles and the Saltwater crocodiles.

How are fungi classified in the Kingdom of mycota?

On the basis of the organisation of the vegetative thallus, the morphology of reproductive structures, the way of spores production and particular life cycle involved the kingdom mycota is classified into following divisions. It includes the simplest type of fungi.

Is the classification of fungi binomial or specific?

The classification of fungi, like that of bacteria, is designed mainly for practical application but it also bears some relation to phylogenetic considerations. The nomenclature is binomial, with a generic and a specific name (eg: Aspergillus niger).

What is the scientific name of the American crocodile?

What is the American crocodile’s scientific name? The scientific name of American crocodile is Crocodylus acutus.