What is the Swedish Personnummer?

The personal identity number (Swedish: personnummer) is the Swedish national identification number. It is a ten or twelve digit number that is widely used in Sweden to identify individuals.

How do you get a Personnummer in Sweden?

You can obtain a personnummer by registering with the Swedish Population Register through the government tax agency known as Skatteverket. Registrations cannot be made online. You must register in person at your local Skatteverket – there are over a hundred nationwide.

What does a Swedish social security number look like?

The number is composed of the date of birth plus three digits plus one check digit. The gender is indicated by the third digit, even for women, odd for men. These three digits also sometimes, but not always, contain information about the region of birth. Also juridical persons (companies) get personal numbers.

How do I get a Social Security number in Sweden?

You can only apply for a Swedish indentity number if you plan to stay in Sweden more then 12 months. You apply for the personal identity number by registering as living in Sweden with the Swedish Tax Agency (skatteverket).

Can I work in Sweden without Personnummer?

You do not need a personal identity number in order to seek employment in Sweden. You can register on the Swedish Public Employment Service website(Arbetsförmedlingen) and through them look for job opportunities. The Employment Service can assist in providing you with a coordination number from the Swedish Tax Agency.

How long does it take to get Personnummer in Sweden?

At the moment, applications can take as long as 18 weeks to be completed, where the standard processing time we are used to is 2-12 weeks.

Can I open a bank account in Sweden without personnummer?

If you are an EU/EEA resident, you have a right of residence in Sweden and therefore are legally allowed to open a basic account without a personnummer. For EU/EEA citizens, these are the main documents you need to open a Swedish bank account: passport. resident permit.

How long does it take to be personnummer?

Processing time for a personnummer After you submitted your application, you need to wait at least 4 weeks to get your Swedish personal number. It depends on how lucky you are, some people reported that they received it within a week.

How long it will take to get personal number in Sweden?

After you submitted your application, you need to wait at least 4 weeks to get your Swedish personal number.

How long is a personal number in Sweden?

The personal identification number is a 4-digit number following your date of birth in the format: YYMMDD-XXXX. It is obtained when you are registered in the Swedish population register.

How can I live permanently in Sweden?

To get permanent residency in Sweden, you must have been living in the country continuously for five years. EU citizens will be granted this residency at the end of the five years, even if some of that time was spent being unemployed.

Can I buying a car in Sweden without Personnummer?

You will be able to both buy a car and insure it. However, since you will not have a social security number (personnummer), the Ministry of transport (Transportstyrelsen) will provide you with a “foreigner´s number”. This is used for registering the car on you, and insuring it in your name.