What kind of hinges do I need for my front door?

The following types of hinges are common for your exterior residential doors: Ball Bearing, Plain Bearing Butt, and Spring Hinges. Most residential hinges for your exterior doors will come in one of the following sizes and have a zig-zag hole pattern: 2 1/4 Inch X 3 1/2 Inch (1) 3.5 Inch (2)

Are there any expandable door hinges that work?

We had tried using a different brand (Stanley) expandable door hinges earlier, but they didn’t work in our house because we have non-standard / larger trim on our doors (more of a Craftsman style architecture.) The Stanleys had a 70 degree bend on the expanded side, which works fine with most modern door trim that had a slope to it.

Are there any offset door hinges on Amazon?

Offset does not appear to account for normal wood door trim. Similar product but without above limitations available from Amazon made by National Hardware and sold by Amazon and locally by Lowes at lower cost. Lowes even applies discount for veterans. National Hardware product even includes two lengths of screws and door pin knockout punch.

Why are the hinges on my door so loose?

Since the hinge and door is cantilevered away from the doorjam with this hinge type, there is extra stress, and a strong durable base plate is desired. The hinge pins were loose in the knuckles, allowing excessive play which could mean door alignment would vary. Finally, the mounting holes were irregularly drilled.

Ball bearing hinges are strong, and heavy duty in design. Their mechanism requires the side of the door to be cut out to accommodate the plate of the hinge, so they remain flush with the door when installed.

What kind of hinges are on George Wimpey doors?

I’ve got a few duff hinges on one of my internal doors so ahve been looking for somewhere where I can buy them from. However, they appear to be very unconventional and as a result I cannot find them anywhere. My house is a george wimpey new build, the hinges are painted white steel and have an adjustable feature.

What are the dimensions of the everbilt door hinges?

The Everbilt 3-1/2 in. x 5/8 in. Radius Door Hinges (12 per Pack) feature a 5 knuckle full mortise design. The removable pin provides easier installation or removal of door. Easy to install.

Why do I need hinges on my garage door?

This durable door hinge offers an integrated spring that works to automatically close a door after it is open. This convenience can be an important safety feature, which is why spring hinges are often used on doors leading to the garage and other external doors.