What metering mode should I use?

In general, evaluative metering is the best mode to leave your camera in. While the shot above is slightly overexposed, it’s about as good as the spot metered one, just in the opposite direction; it’s a hell of a lot better than the center-weighted average image.

What is metering mode on a Canon camera?

“Metering Mode” refers to the way the camera measures the brightness of the subject. Based on the metering result, the camera automatically calculates the right exposure combination to use to achieve a properly exposed image.

What is the most common metering mode?

The most common metering modes in digital cameras today are:

  • Matrix Metering (Nikon), also known as Evaluative Metering (Canon)
  • Center-weighted Metering.
  • Spot Metering.

What metering mode is best for portraits?

Matrix metering mode
For most portrait situations, the Matrix metering mode is ideal. (For more on how metering works, see the “Metering Basics” sidebar.) This mode measures light values from all portions of the viewfinder and then establishes a proper exposure for the scene.

When should I use spot metering?

When to use spot metering Spot metering is useful in tricky lighting situations such as high contrast scenes or when the subject is backlit. It’s also useful when a subject is against a very bright or very dark background.

Which metering mode is best for portraits?

What is evaluative metering good for?

Evaluative metering was developed as a way of accurately metering off-centre subjects. It works by dividing the viewfinder into zones, each giving a separate reading that the camera analyses to calculate exposure. It also co-operates with your camera’s autofocus system.

Which metering mode to use?

Evaluative Metering Mode. Matrix metering mode is the default setting on most cameras and the most common settings used by photographers.

  • in center-weighted metering the center of your image is given more weight than the rest of your image.
  • Spot Metering.
  • Partial Metering.
  • What is evaluative metering mode?

    Evaluative metering. Evaluative or Multi-Zone metering is the preset metering mode on many digital cameras and uses light meter readings from a variety of points around the frame. EVALUATIVE METERING – Multi-area metering, measuring light in several zones of a scene with the goal of providing a satisfactory overall exposure of the entire scene.

    What is matrix metering photography?

    Matrix or Evaluative metering mode is an intelligent way of knowing what a scene is composed of, based on heuristics (or prior patterns). ~ (i.e. multi-zone, evaluative, honeycomb or segment metering) is the default camera metering setting.

    What is a camera meter?

    Metering ( Viewfinder Photography) Metering is used to measure the brightness of the subject. The camera optimizes exposure by adjusting shutter speed, aperture (f-number), and ISO sensitivity according to the brightness of the subject, which is measured using the camera’s built-in metering sensor.