What nationality is Nathan Fillion?

Nathan Fillion/Nationality

Nathan Fillion (/ˈfɪliən/; born March 27, 1971) is a Canadian-American actor, best known for the leading roles of Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds on Firefly and its film continuation Serenity, and Richard Castle on Castle.

Who did Nathan Fillion voice?

Nathan Fillion (born March 27, 1971) is a Canadian actor, best known for his lead role in the television series Firefly as Captain Malcolm Reynolds. In Halo 3, he supplies the voice of Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds, named in homage to Fillion’s most famous character.

Is Nathan Fillion in a relationship?

RELATIONSHIP WITH KRISTA ALLEN He started dating Krista Allen, an actress and model who previously dated actor George Clooney. Despite having a great start, that relationship failed too. With the kind of bumpy love life that Fillion has had, the actor is reportedly still single and focused on his career.

Who is Nathan Fillion’s brother?

Jeff Fillion
Nathan Fillion/Brothers
Jeff Fillion joined Edmonton AM on Tuesday to talk about his brother Nathan Fillion’s efforts to raise funds for the Varscona Theatre.

Was Nathan Fillion a teacher?

Nathan Fillion was born in Edmonton back in 1971 to two English teachers. Growing up he always expected to become a teacher like his parents but threw those plans away after dropping out of college.

What’s Nathan Fillion doing now?

Currently, Nathan Fillion stars in ABC’s The Rookie, which is airing its third season. The actor was also recently heard in Starfinder and Robot Chicken. Additionally, he narrated last year’s audiobook for Yudhanjaya Wijeratne’s The Salvage Crew.

Will Destiny bring Cayde back?

The loss of the fan-favorite Destiny 2 Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6, was monumental for the series. With Cayde-6’s Ghost destroyed during the events of Destiny 2: Forsaken, he’s unable to come back from the dead as a Guardian normally would.

Is Cayde-6 coming back?

We’ve got some good news and some bad news, Guardians. The good news is that we get to hear Nathan Fillion as Cayde-6 once more in Destiny 2 for this year’s Guardian Games. The bad news? It’s a motivational video to get Hunters pumped to take home the gold and he’s not actually back in-game.

Does Nathan Fielder have a wife?

Sarah Ziolkowskam.?–2014
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