What should I watch if I like the office?

Series Like The Office

  • Parks And Recreation.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • Arrested Development.
  • Trailer Park Boys.
  • Extras.
  • The Office (U.S Version)

What happened to the TV show Yes Dear?

Though the show was likely already headed for cancellation, Yes, Dear came to an end in part because Clark was hired to host the fourth season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing in March 2006. The last episode of Yes, Dear had already aired by the time the show was cancelled.

Where can I watch Yes dear?

Select your subscription streaming services

  • Netflix.
  • HBO Max.
  • Showtime.
  • Starz.
  • CBS All Access.
  • Hulu.
  • Amazon Prime Video.

Why is The Office not in Netflix anymore?

As far as we can tell, Netflix no longer has the licensing rights to The Office in the US. NBCUniversal owns them now, which is why the show is moving to their own streaming service – Peacock. Due to that, Netflix has no choice but to geo-block the series on its platform to make sure people from the US can’t watch it.

What should I binge after office?

Read on for our list of 13 shows to watch after The Office.

  • Mythic Quest. (Image credit: Apple TV+)
  • Harley Quinn. (Image credit: Claudette Barius)
  • Ted Lasso. (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)
  • Arrested Development. (Image credit: Netflix)
  • Parks & Rec. (Image credit: NBC)
  • The IT Crowd.
  • Community.
  • The Good Place.

Is Yes, Dear in syndication?

Despite being on the air for six seasons and still being in syndication, the show was never released on DVD or digitally. Both series were created by Greg Garcia.

Who played Greg on Yes, Dear?

Gregory Thomas “Greg” Warner is the husband of Kim Warner (Jean Louisa Kelly) and a motion picture executive. He is the father of Sam and Emily Warner. Greg Warner is portrayed by actor Anthony Clark.

Is yes dear in syndication?

What does yes dear stream on?

Are there any other TV shows like the office?

While actors quitting and being replaced is now a common phenomenon in the show-biz, no other show in recent memory was as affected as this one due to the departure of one of the cast members, not even as much as when Steve Carrell left ‘The Office’.

Who is the creator of the US version of the office?

Greg Daniels, the creator of the US version of ‘The Office’, and Mike Judge, creator of the hit sitcom ‘Silicon Valley’, got together and created this gem of a TV show.

How many seasons of the office was there?

For the first eight seasons too, while the show wasn’t the best out there by any means, it was one of the most popular ones, and Sheen’s charismatic, funny and irreverent act as Charlie Harper kept it going.