What size file does a Stihl ms250 use?

you’ll need a 3/16″ file or stone to sharpen your . 325 chain.

What size file does Stihl chainsaw use?

This filing kit is for the . 325-inch STIHL chains. The file size is 5/32-inch.

What is the correct file size for .325 Stihl chain?

Chainsaw files size chart

Pitch Gauge File Size
.050″/ 1.3mm 5/32″ 4.0mm
.325 .050″/ 1.3mm .058″/ 1.5mm 3/16″ 4.8mm
3/8″ .050″/ 1.3mm .058″/ 1.5mm 7/32″ 5.5mm
.063″/ 1.6mm 7/32″ 5.5mm

How big of a bar can I put on a ms250?

Stihl recommends that its MS 170, MS 171, MS 180, MS 181, MS 192 and MS 211 homeowner models be equipped with guide bars between 12 and 16 inches. The MS 250 and MS 251 models are equipped with larger 45 cc engines and are capable of driving an 18-inch bar.

What size file do I use for 3/8 chain?

It is important to use the correct size file. Generally, 1/4 and 3/8 “low profile chains require a 5/32” file. 0.325 “chains require a 3/16” row and standard 3/8 “and 0.404” chains require a 7/32 “row.

What’s the difference between 3/8 and 325 chain?

The three-eighths chain is a beefier saw and better suited to one that has more horsepower. It has larger teeth and a heavier duty chain, so it requires more horsepower to operate correctly. 325-inch chain for those saws between 40 and 60 cc.

How do I know what size my chainsaw chain is?

You will either be using a round file or a flat file depending on the cutter that you will be sharpening. To be able to know the value of the chain pitch, simply measure the distance between the centers of two adjacent rivets. Divide the value you get by two to get the chain pitch but in millimeters.

What size file do I need for a 3/8 chain?

What angle do I sharpen my Stihl chainsaw chain?

STIHL saw chains are generally filed to an angle of 30° – parallel to the service mark for the filing angle. Hold the file so that one quarter of its diameter projects above the top plate.

Can I put a 20 inch bar on a Stihl ms250?

Stihl does not make 3005 mount bars in anything longer than 18″/68DL (. 325″) or 18″/61DL(3/8″P). The 3003 mount bars from the MS260/270/280/290 will not fit on a 250.

Can I put a shorter bar on my chainsaw?

Yes, but you need a bar designed to fit on your saw. There are different designs for different saws, and the bar has to match the chain/sprocket configuration as well.

What size chain for Stihl MS 250?

The 250 model in Stihl’s line of chainsaws comes with a 3 horsepower, 2.77 cubic inch motor. and 12-, 14-, 16- or 18-inch bar length choices. Since Stihl makes chains designed specifically for their saws, stick with that brand for replacements.

What is a Stihl MS 250?

Stihl MS 250 chainsaw is a pretty light tool, that allows you to perform simple tasks such as clearing your garden of unwanted shrubs and branches neatly and accurately, but at the same time has enough power for cutting twigs and felling moderate trees.

How to determine file size for Chainsaw?

To determine the right file size for your chainsaw, you need to read the number marked on the side of the cutter of the chain. You then match that number to the file size that is listed on the file chart . Alternatively, you can measure the pitch of the chain. The pitch is measured in inches.

What do Stihl Chainsaw model numbers mean?

Stihl chain saw model numbers contain the letters MS, which is short for the German word motorsagen, which means motor saw. This labeling holds true for other Stihl product lines, as well.