What states have adopted the UCC?

UCC Article 1 (2001) has been adopted in 51 jurisdictions: Alabama[2], Alaska, Arizona2, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii2, Idaho2, Illinois2, Indiana2, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland2, Massachusetts, Michigan2, Minnesota.

When was revised Article 9 adopted?

Article 9, Secured Transactions A substantial revision to Article 9 was completed in 1998 and adopted in all states. The article was further amended in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2010.

Have all states adopted all of the UCC’s provisions?

Every U.S. state and the District of Columbia have adopted at least part of the UCC (though it has not been adopted as federal law). Each jurisdiction, however, may make its own modifications (Louisiana has never adopted Article 2), and may organize its version of the UCC differently.

What is Article 9 us?

Article 9 protects your right to freedom of thought, belief and religion. It includes the right to change your religion or beliefs at any time. This could include your right to wear religious clothing, the right to talk about your beliefs or take part in religious worship.

Who does Article 2 of the UCC apply to?

transactions of goods
2 Sales: UCC Article 2 applies to transactions of goods; it does not apply to any transaction which although in the form of an unconditional contract to sell or present sale is intended to operate only as a security transaction nor does this Article impair or repeal any statute regulating sales to consumers, farmers or …

What state does not use UCC?

While largely successful at achieving this ambitious goal, some U.S. jurisdictions (e.g., Louisiana and Puerto Rico) have not adopted all of the articles contained in the UCC, while other U.S. jurisdictions (e.g., American Samoa) have not adopted any articles in the UCC.

What is revised Article 9?

Under revised Article 9, in most cases the proper jurisdiction for filing will be in a single office in the home state where the borrower is “located. ” If a borrower is a “registered organization” (defined as an “organization organized solely under the law of a single state or the United States and as to which the …

Does Article 2 of the UCC only apply to merchants?

Article 2 of the UCC deals only with transaction of goods. It does not apply to any transaction intended to operate only as a security transaction. However, the Article does not impair or repeal any statute regulating sales to consumers, farmers or other specified classes of buyers.

What is a good under UCC Article 2?

Article 2 is a vast segment of the UCC that specifically addresses contracts for the sale of goods. A good is any movable property identified at the time of the contract. ‘Goods’ are also sometimes known as ‘chattels. Some merchants are also sellers because they sell or contract to sell goods.