What strain is rare Dankness?

aka House of Dankness, Rare Dankness Colorado breeders Rare Dankness created this staple of their breeding program by crossing Ghost OG with Chemdawg. They then backcrossed the resulting plant with Ghost OG, and then crossed that with the Florida clone-only strain Triangle Kush.

Who owns rare Dankness?

Scott Reach
Scott Reach – Owner – Rare Dankness Nutrients | LinkedIn.

What strain is cornbread?

Cornbread by Rare Dankness is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid strain that crosses Katsu Bubba Kush and Rare Dankness #2. Its aroma is a sweet mix of lemons and incense, and like a perfect appetizer, Cornbread is all you’ll need to invite the appetite before dinner.

What strain is Starkiller?

Star Killer, also known as “Star Killer OG,” and “Starkiller,” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain and winner of Best Hybrid Flower at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup. Star Killer is 70% indica, and is made by crossing Mazar x Blueberry OG with Rare Dankness.

What strain is poison OG?

OG Poison is a hybrid cannabis strain that’s indica-dominant and derives its name from the extreme relaxation is creates within the consumer, rendering them motionless. OG Poison produces a pine-like aroma with citrus undertones and a taste that’s similar but milder.

What strain is Mars OG?

Mars OG is one spacey indica. Coming out of the California Bay Area, Mars OG has been given its planetary name in reference to its growing conditions. Planetary strains refer to strains which began indoors and were moved outdoors to complete the grow cycle in more natural conditions.

Who made GMO strain?

Originally bred by Mamiko Seeds, GMO aka GMO Cookies or Garlic Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid that is a cross between Chemdawg and GSC.

What strain is white queen?

The well-balanced and top-rated hybrid cannabis strain White Queen is a cannabis strain that derives its name from not only its parent strains, but the fine dusting of white trichomes that covers its harvest-ready buds. Its scent and taste are fruity (like limes), with the undertone of chemical perfume.

What is pie hoe strain?

Coming from Cannarado, Pie Hoe crosses Grape Pie and Tahoe OG. An incredibly dank OG with a bit of grape flavor, Pie Hoe is a gassy, fruity, and pungent strain that will make your mouth water. Its high is not for the faint of heart, as it will swallow you up into a state of bliss for hours before slowly fading away.