What was Randy Rhoads Les Paul?

Randy Rhoads began his performing career playing a cream-colored Gibson Les Paul Custom. The Les Paul Custom, per 1972 spec, had a four-piece body: two layers of mahogany with a thin layer of maple in the middle and a carved maple top. It was white when new, but the nitrocellulose lacquer yellowed over time.

What year was Randy Rhoads Les Paul?

But the guitar that Randy had in his hands when he got the gig with Ozzy was not a Jackson, it was a 1974 Les Paul Custom. Gibson Custom Shop is now paying tribute to Randy, one of the most influential hard rock/heavy metal guitarists of all time, with a limited edition run of Randy Rhoads 1974 Les Paul Customs.

How much did Randy Rhoads Les Paul weigh?


Model Limited Randy Rhoads Signature Les Paul Custom
Finish Color Aged White
Weight 9.87 lbs
Top Wood Carved Maple
Body Wood 3-Piece Mahogany

Where are Randy Rhoads original guitars?

Shortly after, much of the gear was found in a dumpster in North Hollywood, but the Harmony Rocket and Marshall head remained missing. Now, a statement posted to Instagram by Randy’s sister, Kathy Rhoads D’Argenzio, reveals that the guitar and amp have been found and returned.

What guitar did Randy Rhoads use on Crazy Train?

At the time of this recording, Rhoads was using two guitars primarily, a 1972 Les Paul Custom (white when new and yellowed over time) and a Karl Sandoval-built ‘Flying V’ with dual humbuckers and a Fender tremolo. (The latter guitar featured Rhoads’s trademark polka dots.)

What guitar did Randy Rhoads use on Blizzard of Ozz?

Gibson Les Paul Custom
(LEFT) Rhoads’ 1970 Gibson Les Paul Custom had stock pickups, his name engraved on the pickguard, a brass toggle-switch tip, and (after this photo was taken) his initials on the truss rod cover. This and the polka-dot V made by Karl Sandoval were the principal guitars heard on Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman.

What guitar did Randy Rhoads use on Diary of a madman?

Gibson Les Paul
The famous Gibson Les Paul that belonged to Randy Rhoads, Ozzy Osbourne’s brilliant rock guitarist who was only 25 years old when he died in a plane crash in 1982.

What gauge strings did Randy Rhoads use?

Randy Rhoads’ Guitar Strings: – Randy used GHS Boomers . 010 or . 011 gauge.

Did Ozzy write a song about Randy Rhoads?

Rhoads died in a freak plane accident on March 19th, 1982, at age 25, while the band was touring in support of its follow-up to “Blizzard,” “Diary of a Madman.” Osbourne struggled with the loss but pressed forward, continuing to perform many of the songs they’d written together — “Crazy Train,” “Mr.

Did Randy Rhoads use a whammy bar?

While it is entirely possible that Rhoads used the whammy bar on the ‘V,’ the same sounds could have been obtained from bending the neck – on either the V or the Les Paul. In any event, Rhoads’s playing is breathtaking.

Who was Ozzy’s best guitarist?

Probably the best known of all the Ozzy Osbourne’s guitar players is the almighty Zakk Wylde. He first joined the singer back in 1987 and has been an on and off member throughout these last few decades.

How did Ozzy and Randy meet?

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Upon arriving in England Ozzy Osbourne was introduced to ex-Rainbow bassist Bob Daisley, the two hit it off well and they decided they work together. Randy Rhoads flew to England on November 27th, 1979 to meet with Osbourne and Daisley at the offices of Jet Records in London.