What was the timeline of the Civil War?

Civil War Timeline makes an interesting read for all the history lovers. How it all began, who played what role, what made it last for four long years and what went on during all this time, etc. are some of the questions that naturally come to anybody’s mind. Given below is the chronology of events in the American Civil War:

When did the south enter the Civil War?

The Civil War Begins (April 12, 1861) – The South attacks Fort Sumter South Carolina and starts the war. More States leave the Union (April 1861) – within a short period of time Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas all leave the Union to join the Confederacy.

When did King Edward VI of England become ill?

In February 1553, Edward VI became ill, and by June, after several improvements and relapses, he was in a hopeless condition. The king’s death and the succession of his Catholic half-sister Mary would jeopardise the English Reformation, and Edward’s Council and officers had many reasons to fear it.

What was the end result of Edward VI’s reign?

Edward’s reign was marked by economic problems and social unrest that in 1549 erupted into riot and rebellion. An expensive war with Scotland, at first successful, ended with military withdrawal from Scotland and Boulogne-sur-Mer in exchange for peace.

When did people expect the Civil War to end?

When the Civil War began most Americans expected it to be a crisis that would come to a fast end. But when the Union and Confederate Armies began shooting in the summer of 1861, that perception quickly changed.

What was the bloodiest day of the Civil War?

September: Robert E. Lee led his army across the Potomac and invaded Maryland, and the two armies met in the epic Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862. The combined casualties of 23,000 killed and wounded made it known as America’s bloodiest day. Lee was forced to withdraw back to Virginia, and the Union could claim victory.