What was the worst hurricane in 2003?

Hurricane Isabel
The strongest hurricane of the season was Hurricane Isabel, which reached Category 5 status on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane scale northeast of the Lesser Antilles; Isabel later struck North Carolina as a Category 2 hurricane, causing $3.6 billion in damage (2003 USD) and a total of 51 deaths across the Mid-Atlantic …

What year did Isabel hit?

September 6, 2003 – September 20, 2003
Hurricane Isabel/Dates

When did Hurricane Isabel hit North Carolina?

September 18
The hurricane made landfall in the Outer Banks of North Carolina on September 18. There, storm surge flooding and strong winds damaged thousands of houses. The storm surge produced a 2,000 foot (600 m) wide inlet on Hatteras Island, isolating Hatteras by road for two months.

What are the 3 deadliest hurricanes?

These are the five deadliest hurricanes in American history:

  • The Great Galveston Storm (1900) The deadliest storm in American history, the Galveston hurricane killed 8,000 to 12,000 people.
  • Hurricane Maria (2017)
  • The Okeechobee Hurricane (1928)
  • Hurricane Katrina (2005)
  • The Chenière Caminada Hurricane (1893)

What hurricane hit New Orleans 2003?

Storm Bill
Bill became extratropical on July 2, and was absorbed by the cold front later that day. Upon making landfall on Louisiana, the storm produced a moderate storm surge, causing tidal flooding….Tropical Storm Bill (2003)

Tropical storm (SSHWS/NWS)
Tropical Storm Bill at peak intensity on June 30
Fatalities 4 direct
Damage $50.5 million (2003 USD)

Was there a hurricane in 2003?

The 2003 Atlantic hurricane season was an active Atlantic hurricane season with tropical activity before and after the official bounds of the season – the first such occurrence in 50 years. Both Fabian and Juan were the worst hurricanes to hit their respective areas, causing $450 million in damages and 16 fatalities.

What is Tropical Depression?

Tropical Depression: A tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds of 38 mph (33 knots) or less. Tropical Storm: A tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds of 39 to 73 mph (34 to 63 knots).

How many hurricanes were there in 2002?


2002 Atlantic hurricane season
Hurricanes 4
Major hurricanes (Cat. 3+) 2
Total fatalities 50 total
Total damage $2.47 billion (2002 USD)

What was the name of the hurricane that hit NC in 2000?

September 12, 2000 – Rip currents from Hurricane Florence kill three people due to drowning. September 19, 2000 – The extratropical remnants of Hurricane Gordon track through the state, dropping light to moderate rainfall.

What was name of hurricane that hit Outer Banks in 2002?

July 14, 2002 – Tropical Storm Arthur forms just offshore and drops light rainfall near the coast. September 10, 2002 – Tropical Storm Gustav strikes the Outer Banks with a 5-foot (1.5 m) storm surge and hurricane force wind gusts, causing minor damage.

When was the last hurricane to hit North Carolina?

Hurricane Florence approaching North Carolina July 12, 2008 – Offshore Hurricane Bertha contributes to rip currents along the coast, leading to dozens of lifeguard rescues. [40]

What was the strongest hurricane to hit North Carolina?

In terms of windspeeds, Hurricane Isabel was the strongest storm to affect the state, producing maximum sustained winds equivalent to Category 2 status on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane scale. September 12, 2000 – Rip currents from Hurricane Florence kill three people due to drowning.