What wheat pennies have errors?

5 Lincoln Wheat Penny Error Coins

  • 1922 Plain Cent. For the only time during the Lincoln cent series, Denver was the only mint to strike pennies.
  • 1955 Doubled Die. The 1955 doubled die penny is as popular a Lincoln cent error as the 1922 plain cent — if not more so.
  • 1943 Copper Penny.
  • 1944 Steel Penny.

How much is a 1945 wheat penny worth in good condition?

The 1945 S wheat penny is worth around $0.15 in very fine condition. In extremely fine condition the value is around $0.20. In uncirculated condition the price is around $0.85 for coins with an MS-63RB grade. Uncirculated coins with a grade of MS-65RB can sell for around $2.

How much are error wheat pennies worth?

In fact, with the exceptions of major errors and varieties, no Lincoln wheat penny struck after 1933 is worth more than 10 cents in worn condition, and most are worth only 2 or 3 cents. Well-worn 1943 steel pennies often trade for 5 to 10 cents apiece in well-worn condition.

How do I know if my 1944 wheat penny is valuable?

If you have a 1944 penny that’s silver colored, looks like it’s made from steel, is magnetic, and weighs about 2.7 grams, it’s worth having it certified by a 3rd-party coin authentication service to determine if you have a real 1944 penny!

Is a 1945 penny worth anything?

Today’s 1945 Penny Value While 1945 pennies are not rare coins, they’re nevertheless worth more than face value (or 1 cent) — because they’re made from valuable copper. 1945 penny (no mintmark, made in Philadelphia) — 1,040,515,000 minted; worth 2 to 5+ cents.

What makes a 1944 wheat penny rare?

The 1944 Lincoln penny is particularly desirable in the eyes of collectors not only because of its design, but also due to its scarcity. Being that there are no more 1944 Lincolns being produced, the scarcity of these coins is constantly on the rise, thus making the coins more valuable.

What kind of copper is in 1945 wheat penny?

As a footnote, 1945 Pennies are not made with the usual 95 percent copper, 5 percent tin and zinc composition common for most years of Lincoln Wheat Penny coins.

What was the year of the Lincoln wheat penny?

Year Issued. 1945. Production of Lincoln Wheat Penny coins in 1945 yielded more than one billion coins for commerce, meaning the Pennies from that year are quite common even to this day in all circulated grades and in many of the uncirculated grades.

What’s the value of a 1945 Lincoln penny?

Those numbers sum up the situation for collectors – there are no heavy price tags on most 1945 Lincoln Wheat Penny coins, except on the most supreme of uncirculated examples. You could very well find one in circulation for face value with enough searching (looking through rolls can help increase your odds a bit).

What kind of metal are Lincoln pennies made out of?

All Lincoln cents struck from 1944 through 1946 were made with metal from recycled shell casings deriving from use during World War II. So-called “shell case cents” of this era are made with a composition of 95 percent copper, 5 percent zinc (no tin).