What words have a long I?

Six Ways to Spell the Long I Sound

  • item.
  • idea.
  • iron.
  • irate.
  • crisis.
  • final.
  • pilot.
  • silent.

What makes a long i sound?

In open syllables, the long i sound is represented by just the letter i by itself. Most of these will be 2 or more syllable words, such as silent and idea. I alone can also make the long i sound when it comes before two consonants, as in the words pint and kind.

What are the SC words?

Words That Begin With SC

  • scab.
  • scad.
  • scag.
  • scam.
  • scan.
  • scar.
  • scat.
  • scop.

What is the most common way to spell long I?

Common ‘long i’ /ɑɪ/ spellings

  • i_e. When the letter ‘i’ is followed by a single consonant and then the letter ‘e,’ the letter ‘i’ is usually pronounced as /ɑɪ/.
  • igh. a.
  • ie. Along with the /ɑɪ/ pronunciation, the ‘ie’ spelling has words that are pronounced as ‘long e’ /i/ (such as the word ‘brief’ /brif/.
  • 4. – y.
  • -y-

Is Pig long I or short I?

a with a short sound as in: sad, man, hat
i with a short sound as in: pig, king, wig
i with a long sound as in: mind, light, kite
o with a short sound as in: pop, hot, pot, rob
o with a long sound as in: glow, boat, sew, toe, nose

What are some soft c words?

Words List For words beginning with soft c sound Bingo Cards

  • ceiling.
  • celebrate.
  • celery.
  • celestial.
  • cell.
  • cellar.
  • cement.
  • cent.

What words have a silent C?

Silent C: The letter C is silent when it is in the letter combination of SC. Examples: scissors, ascent, fascinate, muscle. The letter C is also silent before the letters K and Q. Examples: block, puck, lock, acknowledge, aqua, acquit, acquiesce.

Is DISH A long I or short I?

The purpose of the games are to determine if a word has a long or short vowel sound….Long and Short Vowel Sounds.

dish short vowel sound
king short vowel sound
top short vowel sound
sock short vowel sound

How to create English words with silent c?

English Words with Silent C freebie : This resource offers two words charts. Please rate and comment. Your comments can help us improve the products. Also, if you have any suggestion, you can tell us, so we can create them too.

How to spell ice with the soft c sound?

Words with the sound /iss/. This is spelled iss in bliss, hiss, miss, kiss but in longer words the most common spelling is ice. Read them aloud, listening for the soft c /s/ sound. Use the icons to help you learn the ones you don’t already know ready for the activity that follows. for more – nce words. Words marked * are homophones.

Is the letter C used to spell two sounds?

The letter c is used to spell two sounds: This unit covers the ‘soft’ sound of c. There is no one clear rule that tells us which to use, but there are some pointers: 1. If the next letter is a consonant, we must use s: 2. If the next letter is the vowel a, o or u, we must use s: 3.

Which is the correct way to spell soft c?

the ‘soft’ sound /s/ as in c ity and f ace This unit covers the ‘soft’ sound of c. The sound /s/ can be spelled with either s or c. There is no one clear rule that tells us which to use, but there are some pointers: