When did AOT Season 1 Episode 25 come out?

Season 1 (2013)

No. overall No. in season Original air date
22 22 September 8, 2013
23 23 September 15, 2013
24 24 September 22, 2013
25 25 September 29, 2013

What happens in Episode 25 of Attack on Titan?

Overview. The battle between Eren and Annie brings devastation to Stohess, leading up to a final struggle between the Titans near a damaged Wall Sina. Before she can be captured, Annie encases herself in a hardened crystal.

Is there only 25 episodes of Attack on Titan?

Before diving into how many episodes are in Attack on Titan Season 4, it is important to remember the previous number of episodes per season. Season 1 has 25 episodes, with no break in between. Season 4 only has 16 confirmed episodes. The manga will end in April 2021, while the anime will end in March 2021.

How many EP do AOT Season 1 have?

25Attack on Titan – Season 1 / Number of episodes

Why was Annie crying when Marco died?

Then Reiner manipulated her and forced her to do it by threatening her and her father. After much hesitation, she finally did it and she watched Marco being eaten. She cried a lot because Marco was being eaten.

Is the wall made of titans?

Abilities. Each of the Wall Titans has the ability to harden not only the top layer of their skin, but much of their body, leaving them deprived of skin and hair. Using this method, they linked together to create the Walls as a collective mass of hardened Titan skin.

Why did AOT season 2 take 4 years?

Despite its popularity, it took four years for the second season of the anime to premiere, as there wasn’t enough source material. The manga suffered from ongoing production issues, and chapters were often delayed. Fortunately for fans, the gap between Attack on Titan Season 2 and 3 was much shorter.

Does Annie have a crush on Armin?

From Annie’s side, her feelings for Armin are much more obvious as her normal cold, harsh and at times heartless persona shifts when she’s with Armin as she shows a much more kinder side when she’s with him.

Was Levi in love with Petra?

Canon. Levi and Petra had an exceptionally close relationship, Levi being her captain and Petra being his subordinate. The two had their first encounter when the newly formed Special Operations Squad held their first meeting after Levi personally handpicked Petra as one of his members.