When did Bret Hart make his WCW debut?

December 15, 1997
A day after the WWF’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, Eric Bischoff, while with the New World Order (nWo), announced that Hart was going to be coming to WCW and joining the nWo. Hart made his debut on Nitro on December 15, 1997.

What was the WCW show before Nitro?

WCW Saturday Night
Original network TBS
Original release December 25, 1971 – August 19, 2000
Related shows WCW Monday Nitro WCW Thunder WCW WorldWide WCW Clash of the Champions WCW Pro

What episode does the nWo debut on WCW Nitro?

Notable episodes

Episode Title Date Note
WCW Monday Nitro September 4, 1995 First episode of Nitro. See above for more information.
Tuesday Nitro July 22, 1997
nWo Monday Nitro December 22, 1997 The nWo take over the last 2 hours of Nitro.
Spring Break March 16, 1998

When did nWo debut in WCW?

July 7, 1996
New World Order (professional wrestling)

New World Order
Name(s) New World Order nWo nWo Hollywood nWo Wolfpac nWo Elite nWo Black&White/nWo B-Team nWo 2000 nWo Japan
Billed from Daytona Beach, Florida
Debut July 7, 1996
Years active 1996–2000 2002 2014–present (reunions)

Who was the 4th member of NWO?

Ted DiBiase
Ted DiBiase “Trillionaire Ted” was the supposed financier of the NWO. He was also the fourth member, joining the stable early in its run.

Who was the 4th member of nWo?

When did Bret Hart sign with World Wrestling Federation?

WCW presented a 3-year, $9M contract offer to Hart, while the World Wrestling Federation responded with an unprecedented 20-year contract. Finishing up his original WWF deal, Hart returned to action on a tour of South Africa on September 8, 1996, defeating Davey Boy Smith in Durban. [107]

When did Bret Hart win the World Championship?

Hart won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam in August 1997. A week prior to Survivor Series, Hart, who had performed for the WWF since 1984, signed a contract to perform with WCW beginning in December 1997.

How old was Kevin Hart when he started wrestling?

Hart’s first work in wrestling involved pulling out lucky numbers out of a metal box during intermission at the Stampede Wrestling shows when he was four years old. When he got slightly older he would sell programs to the shows, something all Hart’s seven brothers would do.

Who are some wrestlers that are influenced by Bret Hart?

On Hart’s influence, Storm said: “I’ve always tried to pattern my ring style or work ethic, at least, after that of ‘The Hitman'”. Along with Storm, Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn point to Hart as their top wrestling inspiration; Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal called him an idol, and Dean Ambrose cited him as an influence.