When did Jay marry Mark Tomlinson?

The couple announced their engagement in 2013 and were eventually wed on July 2014. The lavish ceremony was attended by Tomlinson and three of the other members of One Direction. The couple had two sets of twins during their marriage: Phoebe and Daisy, as well as Ernest and Doris.

Who is Johannah Deakin married to?

Daniel Deakinm. 2014–2016
Johannah Deakin/Spouse

Who is johannah darling?

Johannah was a much-loved figure amongst One Direction’s fans. Johannah worked as a midwife and previously as a TV assistant, and had seven children – Louis, Charlotte, Felicity, twins Phoebe and Daisy and twins Ernest and Doris and one grandchild, Louis’ son Freddie Tomlinson.

When did Jay and Mark Tomlinson get divorced?

Johannah split from Mark Tomlinson in 2011. In 2013, Johannah announced her engagement to doctor Dan Deakin, and that they were expecting twins.

Who is the oldest Tomlinson?

Louis Tomlinson
Louis is the eldest of seven siblings. Charlotte (Lottie) Tomlinson is a 22-year-old social media influencer and is the creator of Tanologist – a self-tanning product. She has also modelled with clothing brand, Revolve.

Where is johannah Deakin buried?

Johannah “Jay” Poulston Deakin

Birth 25 Mar 1973 Doncaster, Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England
Death 7 Dec 2016 (aged 43) Sheffield, Metropolitan Borough of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
Burial Unknown
Memorial ID 173688913 · View Source

Did johannah Deakin marry Mark Tomlinson?

Johannah split from Mark Tomlinson in 2011. In 2013, Johannah announced her engagement to doctor Dan Deakin, and that they were expecting twins.

How old is Johannah Deakin?

43 years (1973–2016)
Johannah Deakin/Age at death

Louis Tomlinson’s mother Johannah Deakin dies after leukaemia battle aged 43. One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson’s mother has died from leukaemia aged 43. Johannah Deakin passed away on Wednesday at Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Did One Direction attend Louis moms funeral?

LOUIS Tomlinson paid his final respects to his late mother Johannah Deakin at a private funeral service last week. Louis’ former band mate Liam Payne was also in attendance, Doncaster’s The Star reports.

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