When did LionsXII FA play Terengganu FA?

The LionsXII made their way to the quarter-final with a 2–0 win over Betaria FC on 10 March 2012. However, they were beaten by Terengganu FA in the quarter-finals. On 16 June 2012, they defeated Sabah FA 9–0 at home, the biggest win in the MSL season.

What was the first win for LionsXII FC?

The LionsXII’s first win was a 2–1 victory over Kuala Lumpur FA on 17 January. The LionsXII’s first away win was a 1–0 victory over Sabah FA on 21 January. LionsXII began their 2012 Piala FA quest on 18 February, with a 3–0 win over UiTM FC. The LionsXII made their way to the quarter-final with a 2–0 win over Betaria FC on 10 March 2012.

When did Malaysia win their second FA Cup?

Their second silverware was the 2015 Malaysia FA Cup when they beat Kelantan 3–1 in the final after a stunning display at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. In 2011, the Football Association of Singapore and the Football Association of Malaysia reached an agreement that would see greater co-operation between the two nations.

How did LionsXII football club get its name?

The name is a combination of Lions and XII, which is a special tribute to the fans, who are generally recognised as football’s “12th Man”. Its motto was “For Country, For Fans. For Passion, For Football. For Makan, For Tulang Merah. For The Future, Forsake The Past”. LionsXII’s home kit was in royal red, using the colours of the national flag.

Who are the players in the LionsXII squad?

LionsXII were set a target of finishing top five for the 2013 Liga Super. Five overage players were included in this year’s squad to guide the younger players, namely Shahril Ishak, Isa Halim, Fazrul Nawaz, Irwan Shah and Baihakki Khaizan. Other key players such as Shahdan Sulaiman and Shaiful Esah no longer featured.

When did LionsXII football club start to play?

LionsXII (“Lions Twelve”), also known as Singapore LIONSXII, was a Singaporean football club founded in 2011 that played in the Malaysian Liga Super, the top tier of Malaysian football, from their inaugural season until their dissolution following the 2015 season.