When should an image have null?

Alt tags are used to describe the contents of images, but some images don’t convey any meaning and are therefore considered “decorative.” Decorative images do not need to be announced by the screen reader, so if the alt attribute is empty (alt=””, aka a “null” tag) it will not be announced to the user.

When should an image have null alt text?

For example, the information provided by the image might already be given using adjacent text, or the image might be included to make the website more visually attractive. In these cases, a null (empty) alt text should be provided ( alt=”” ) so that they can be ignored by assistive technologies, such as screen readers.

How do you add NULL to alt text?

An empty alt attribute is written as alt=” ” with a space between the double quotes. A null alt text is written as alt=”” with no space between the set of quotes.

What is null tag in HTML?

An empty element is an element from HTML, SVG, or MathML that cannot have any child nodes (i.e., nested elements or text nodes). The HTML, SVG, and MathML specifications define very precisely what each element can contain. For example, is invalid HTML. …

What is considered a decorative image?

A decorative image is an image that is non-essential to understanding the content and purpose of a page. There is a variety of opinions on what to do with decorative images; describe them or hide them from screen readers. If you decide to describe them, use simple image guidelines.

Do background images need alt?

CSS background images should not have alternative text if the image is truly a background image. Decorative (i.e removing it from the page causes no impact to the page’s meaning or function) CSS background images do not need additional markup.

How do I get alt text from an image?

How to check if an image has alt text on a web page by inspecting it

  1. On a webpage, right-click the photo you want to see the alt text for.
  2. In the menu that appears, choose to inspect the HTML. In Chrome or Firefox, select “Inspect.” For Edge, choose “Inspect Element.”
  3. A pane displaying HTML should appear.

Is an empty element?

An element that does not have an enclosing tag is called an empty element. Adding the closing tags to the empty elements will be invalid syntax. The empty elements don’t have any child nodes. In short, Empty elements are self-closing or void and not container tags.

How do you make a decorative image?

To mark an image as decorative, all that is required is that you supply an empty ALT attribute. To do this, simply provide ALT text of “” to indicate an empty ALT attribute. This will signal a screen reader to skip over the image, taking it out of the reading flow.