When to use labels and material safety data sheets?

This guide should be used in all workplaces where chemicals are used. It will help workers recognise labels, and help them find information in Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). This guide will also be useful as a training tool.

What are the different grades of martinal wire?

A number of coated grades are available that can help meet various wire and cable product requirements. The MARTINAL® product range includes de-agglomerated and fine precipitated grades. The final two digits in the product name describe the specific surface area (BET) expressed in m2/g.

What kind of applications can martinal ol-111 Le be used for?

MARTINAL® OL-111 LE has a high surface area which makes it a perfect fit for elastomer based applications, which require high tensile strength, such as conveyor belts and profiles. The vinyl silane coated grades are suited for grafted and cross-linked EVA and rubber formulations.

What kind of material is precipitated martinal used for?

Precipitated MARTINAL® ATH and MAGNIFIN® MDH are used most commonly in different polymeric backbones for cable compounds. The high purity MARTINAL® and MAGNIFIN® grades are designed for use in plastics and rubber, but can also be used in other applications.

Where can I find SDS labels in stock?

Find your label in stock, and in compliance with any standard – ANSI, NFPA, and HMIS/HMIG. You can even customize your design to create a label more suited to your facility’s safety requirement. We offer pre-printed labels for secondary containers, as well as ones you can write on yourself. Not only that, we sell signs too.

Are there custom GHS Labels for hazardous chemicals?

Custom GHS Labels Labeling hazardous chemicals now requires complying with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). GHS is a newly implemented international system developed by the United Nations to make…

Are there preprinted chemical labels for ANSI HMIS?

Choose from hundreds of chemical labels that comply with the standards below. Preprinted MSDS Labels make ordering easy. Over 130 ANSI Chemical Labels in stock. Stock HMIS comply the color codes. Stock Colored Bar Labels from 10¢/label.