When was Rey Mysterio unmasked?

WWE legend and current SmackDown Superstar Rey Mysterio was recently interviewed by Ariel Helwani. During the interview, Mysterio discussed his run in WCW and Helwani brought up Mysterio being unmasked in 1999.

Does Rey Mysterio show his face?

While Rey Mysterio’s most famous unmasking was back in 1999 in WCW’s SuperBrawl IX, he has been unmasked on numerous occasions in WWE. The most recent ones in WWE have happened against Randy Orton, which many claim to be an accidental unmasking, and the other one being Andrade.

Did Rey Mysterio lose his mask?

Mysterio was supposed to lose his mask in a match with Eddie Guerrero, but he tried his best to not unveil his face to the fans. Following that, Mysterio and Konnan came together for SuperBrawl IX to take on Kevin Nash and Scott Hall for a mask vs hair match. When the former team lost, Mysterio had to discard his mask.

Did Rey Mysterio really come out?

In the end, Seth “plucked” Rey’s eyeball out and puked after the fact, because it was so disgusting. However, if you’re worried about Rey losing his eye: rest assured. No, the WWE’s not going to let one of their talents lose an eyeball for a wrestling match.

Why was Rey Mysterio unmasked?

Rey Mysterio was unmasked for the first time on WCW Nitro in 1997 by Eddie Guerrero. After Rey was defeated by Dean Malenko, Guerrero came out and snatched Rey’s mask off his face.

Why does Rey Mysterio always wear his mask?

He often wears a mask to work on his breathing in order to make his gym workouts more difficult. Mysterio quite often shares selfies of himself in the gym, mainly because the mask does protect his identity.

Why did Rey Mysterio remove his mask?

Mysterio refused to take off his LWO colors and was attacked by the nWo as a result. This led to a match at SuperBrawl IX where Mysterio and tag partner Konnan lost a “Hair vs. Mask match” against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, forcing Mysterio to remove his mask.

Did Mysterio really lose his eye?

WWE veteran Rey Mysterio did not actually lose an eye in his Horror Show clash against Seth Rollins. The organization used fake blood and a pretend eyeball to pull off the stunt. In a statement, they claimed he was rushed to a hospital for globe luxation.

Why does Rey Mysterio cover an eye?

Of course, Mysterio wanted Rollins to feel that pain and that led to the match at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. As you can see from the footage and pictures, Mysterio’s holding a fake eye that he either had on his person or the ref handed to him when Rollins started to be sick.

How many times has Rey Mysterio been unmasked?

Rey Mysterio was unmasked 2 times in WCW- by Eddie Guerrero in 1997 and by Kevin Nash in 1999.