When was the Mormon extermination order in Missouri?

Oct. 27, 1838
MIssouri Executive Order 44, also known as the “Extermination Order,” was issued on Oct. 27, 1838, by Gov. Lilburn Boggs.

What did Joseph Smith do in Missouri?

In 1831, Smith and his followers moved west, planning to build a communalistic American Zion. They first gathered in Kirtland, Ohio, and established an outpost in Independence, Missouri, which was intended to be Zion’s “center place”.

Why was Joseph Smith wanted in Missouri?

On January 12, 1838, a warrant was issued for Smith’s arrest on a charge of banking fraud. Rather than submit to arrest, Smith fled the jurisdiction, escaping Ohio into Missouri. In Missouri, he was accused of threatening a public official.

Where do Mormons live in Missouri?

The LDS Church is the 8th largest denomination in Missouri. Stakes are located in Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Far West, Hazelwood, Independence, Joplin, Kansas City, Lake St Louis, Liberty, Monett, Platte City, St Louis (2), St Robert, Springfield (2), Warrensburg, and West Plains.

Is Missouri a Mormon State?

At least 66,000 Mormons now live in the state, more than triple the number of just three decades ago. Most recently, the LDS church has built a temple in Kansas City, Mo., near the epicenter of the Mormon War.

How much land does the Mormon Church own in Hawaii?

The company owns about 23,000 acres of land on Maui and manages properties, utilities and a nature preserve at the Kapalua Resort.

Why do Mormons like Missouri?

— In 1831, Mormon founder Joseph Smith declared that the righteous would gather in Independence, Mo., to greet the Second Coming of Jesus Christ — just one of the prophecies that estranged his faith from traditional Christianity. On the one hand, Missouri symbolizes how far Mormons have come.

Why was the Mormon Extermination Order issued in Missouri?

The order was issued in the aftermath of the Battle of Crooked River, a clash between Mormons and a unit of the Missouri State Militia in northern Ray County, Missouri, during the 1838 Mormon War. Claiming that the Mormons had committed open and avowed defiance of the law and had made war upon the people of Missouri,…

What did the Extermination Order of 1838 mean?

The extermination order is the name commonly used to refer to an executive order signed on October 27, 1838, by Lilburn W. Boggs, the governor of Missouri during the Mormon-Missouri War of 1838. 1 The order sought to put a quick end to the conflict by calling for the Mormons to be “exterminated or driven from the State if necessary.” 2

Why was Executive Order 44 issued during the Mormon War?

Commander-in-Chief. Executive Order 44 was issued during the 1838 Mormon War, which was caused by friction between the Mormons and their neighbors due to the economic and electoral growth of the Latter-day Saint community. However, the religious and political views of the Mormons did not sit well with the non-Mormon citizens of the state.

Where are the Mormon War papers in Missouri?

The Missouri State Archives’ “Mormon War Papers” shed light on this frequently misunderstood episode of Missouri history.