Where are CRST schools located?

Where Are the CRST locations? CRST has four terminals – Cedar Rapids Iowa, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Riverside, California.

Is CRST a good company?

Good starting company Good place to start as a rookie. The pay was decent for me but they did not have enough trucks to go around. It was a pain showing up to work to find out that you don’t have a truck to drive because someone else took it.

Where is CRST Transportation located?

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
CRST The Transportation Solution, Inc. (formerly CRST International) is an American freight company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Founded in 1955 by Herald and Miriam Smith, it is a privately held company with a current fleet of about 4,500 trucks and annual revenues of $1.5 billion.

Does CRST pay you while training?

There is no pay while in school, you will be on the payroll when you start out with your training by the lead driver.

Does CRST hire solo drivers?

SOLO DRIVER OPTIONS CRST solo drivers have all kinds of driving options including: dedicated, regional and local. You choose the freight and driving style that’s right for you.

What does CRST pay per mile?

CRST increasing ay for expedited drivers 1, the expedited division received an increase in overall pay. The change expands OTR team driving earning potential by 10 cents per mile, the company says, with top earnings at 68 cents per mile as a driver mentor.

Is CRST better than Swift?

I personally prefer Swift over CRST simply because you can actually be a solo driver, the starting pay is higher, and they have a ton of dedicated/regional opportunities. You’ll have many options here, but at CRST you’ll be stuck team driving and that’s all you’ll know.

Is CRST team only?

Yes, the flats have solos – I’m one of them. CRST Malone doesn’t have a company side, though – the closest you can come to being a company driver for Malone is to do like I did, and get hired on with a fleet owner who leases onto them.

How much does CRST pay per mile?

Pre-pay students do not have to sign a contract. You’ll make 22 cents per mile split during your OTR training. You’ll start out at 25cpm split pay and, after 6 months you’ll average 31cpm split pay. Pre-pay students get paid at a higher mileage rate than company paid training students.

How much do CRST drivers get paid?

CRST International Salary FAQs The average salary for a Truck Driver is $57,985 per year in United States, which is 15% lower than the average CRST International salary of $68,247 per year for this job.

Does CRST let you take the truck home?

Once drivers complete the school and orientation, they will go out in the truck with a lead driver for about 28 days to finish their training. After they spend 28 days with their lead driver, CRST will help you find them a co-driver in their area. After this, the dirver goes home for five days.

Is CRST only team driving?