Where can I buy bilberry?

Bilberries are found natively across northern Europe, Iceland and across the Caucasus into northern Asia. In June, small pink bell-shaped flowers appear and by August, the small bushes are covered in bilberries, which are commonly harvested to make jams, pies and sauces.

How do you grow Vaccinium Myrtillus from seed?

Obtain bilberry seeds in late winter. Place them on a flat and cover them with lime-free potting soil. Keep the medium warm and moist, but not soaked, as the bilberries start to grow. Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) grows 6 to 12 inches tall.

Where does Vaccinium Myrtillus grow?

Vaccinium myrtillus is a holarctic species native to Continental Northern Europe, the British Isles and Ireland, northern Asia, Japan, Greenland, Iceland, Western Canada, and the Western United States.

Can you grow bilberry in UK?

Within the UK you will find Bilberry bushes growing amongst heather and gorse plants on upland acidic soils.

What animal eats bilberry?

Bilberries are sweet, tasting much like a blueberry. Grizzly and black bears, some small mammals, and many birds eat the fruit, as do people.

Can you eat bilberries raw?

Use as a food The fruit can be eaten raw when fully ripe, and is sweet but slightly acidic. It can be used to make liqueurs.

Can you grow bilberries in the US?

If you’re interested in learning how to grow bilberries, please keep in mind that they will do best in USDA zones 3 through 8. Bilberries prefer a cooler climate and, if grown in hotter climates, should be kept as cool as possible either with a ground cover or irrigation.

How do you propagate bilberries?

Propagating a bilberry bush As regards the propagating of bilberry bush, layering is the simplest and fasted method to get new plants. You can also prepare cuttings from your bilberry bush from herbaceous stems at the beginning of summer or from woody stemps in fall and winter.

Why are blueberries called Vaccinium?

The name Vaccinium was used in classical Latin for a plant, possibly the bilberry or a hyacinth, and may be derived from the Latin bacca, berry, although its ultimate derivation is obscure. Other parts of Vaccinium form other groups, sometimes together with species of other genera.

Is blaeberry the same as blueberry?

Closely related to the Cowberry, the blaeberry is also known as bilberry – if you’re English, or whortleberry – if you read Roald Dahl stories! It’s the European version of the American Blueberry from which it differs as a species (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), but is still part of the same genus.

Are bilberries easy to grow?

Bilberries are very tolerant of wind, so shelter is not needed. When you read the information on bilberry care, you’ll learn that it is an easy shrub to cultivate. The plants require no fertilizer and little irrigation.

Is bilberry the same as blueberry?

Bilberries are smaller and darker than blueberries, appearing to be almost black with a hint of blue. They are dark inside too, whereas blueberries have a pale green flesh. Bilberries are more intensely flavoured than blueberries, but they are softer and juicier than blueberries making them difficult to transport.