Where can I find Forsworn?

The Forsworn are a group of Reachmen that can be found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Forsworn can be found around Markarth and The Reach hold. The Forsworn will attack any travelers using ranged attacks and magic.

Can you ally with the Forsworn?

The Forsworn are the most common type of hostile NPC encountered in the Reach. It is not possible to join the Forsworn, but you can side with them through a quest series and one area will become non-hostile.

Where can I find Forsworn Briarhearts in Skyrim?


  • Broken Tower Redoubt.
  • Red Eagle Redoubt.
  • Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt.
  • Sundered Towers.
  • Hag Rock Redoubt.
  • Deepwood Redoubt.
  • Bard’s Leap Summit.
  • Kolskeggr Mine.

What level are forsworn Briarhearts?

Forsworn Briarhearts

Name PC Level NPC Level
Forsworn Briarheart 24 16
Forsworn Briarheart 34 27
Forsworn Briarheart 46 38
Forsworn Briarheart 58 51

Are there forsworn in solstheim?

Find and kill a Forsworn warrior in western Skyrim. There are several camps around Markarth that should do, e.g. down the stairs of Bard’s Leap Summit. “Harvest” a Forsworn Briarheart and then return to Solstheim.

Is the abandoned house in Markarth safe storage?

There are numerous safe containers (62 in total), an unowned bed that confers the Rested bonus, as well as services available close by at the entrance to Markarth. The containers inside the house are safe for permanent storage.

Are Hagravens evil?

Hagravens are aggressive former human-turned-malicious creatures with bird-like features found across Skyrim….

Alignment Chaotic Evil
Personality Aggressive
Organization Usually solitary
Affiliation(s) Independent, Forsworn

Can a forsworn shaman be a friendly matriarch?

Or a Forsworn shaman is transformed into a new, friendly Matriarch. You’d have a legitimacy score that was tracked and could be accessed via MCM. Having Forsworn artifacts, helping out folks in the Reach in favor of the natives*, etc. would all up your legitimacy.

Where do you find the shaman in Skyrim?

Taught to fight with the greatest of warriors, brave magic with the craftiest of wizards, and Shout with the wisest of Tongues, the shaman returns to Solstheim as a hero yet to prove himself, commanding the weather and the beasts, and can help the warriors fight stronger as well as call the honoured dead to battle once more.

What kind of powers do shamans have in Skyrim?

A shaman relies on his mystical powers drawn from worship of nature. Powerful warriors, they rely on their power given to them by their object of devotion to fortify and protect themselves. Shamans are eternally loyal to their creed and people, fighting and even dying for them if need be.

Where do you find the forsworn in Skyrim?

Driven from Markarth, the Forsworn spread across the Reach fortifying any defendable spot they could find. Large tented campsites are built into reinforced redoubts from the remains of various caves and ruins. Their members sport a unique tribal garb and adopt many of the traditions depicted in The Legend of Red Eagle.