Where can I find the Oriflame online catalogue?

Peek inside Oriflame’s new online catalogue and enjoy the very latest in Oriflame beauty and wellness. Browse with the navigation arrows or drag the slider for a quick overview. Looking for something specific? We suggest you try the search tool.

Which is the best Oriflame make-up for adults?

Love Nature Optimals Royal Velvet Sun 360 All Brands Skin care guides The NovAge skin care routine NovAge Complementary Care Products NovAge Cleansing Oil NovAge Skin Priming Essence NovAge Adult Acne Shop for Oily skin Dark Circles Day cream Night cream Make-up What’s new Face

How much does Oriflame moisturizer cost in store?

£4.49 £8.00 £32.99 £45.00 £5.99 £10.00 £2.79 £6.00 £3.99 £10.00 Skin care What’s new Moisturisers

When is the offer period for Oriflame Cosmetics?

The offer period for the Offer is 1st July, 2021 to 31st August 2021, both days inclusive (“Offer Period”), unless extended or revoked at the sole discretion of Oriflame.

What are the terms and conditions of Oriflame India?

Oriflame reserves the right to amend or modify these terms or withdraw this Program by giving prior intimation of the same to the Brand Partners. These terms and conditions shall be governed by Indian law and jurisdiction over any matters/ disputes in relation to the Program shall remain exclusively with courts at New Delhi.

What happens in case of withdrawal of Oriflame offer?

The decision of Oriflame as to qualification of the participant to the Offer shall be final and binding. The Offer shall be withdrawn immediately from the participant in case of any violation of the Terms, the Brand Partner Terms and such other communication as may be made by Oriflame from time to time.

Where can I download Oriflame business plan PDF?

To know more about Oriflame Business Plan, you can download the Oriflame Business Plan PDF. You can join Oriflame India through their official site or by referring to the Oriflame India registration page. Every MLM company has benefits as well as cons.

Which is the most important factor behind the success of Oriflame?

The products and their quality is the most important factor behind the success of Oriflame. Oriflame Products Catalogue is updated regularly by the company. The Oriflame products are a bit expensive as per the Indian economy, but various people are still attracted to them due to their quality.

Where are the headquarters of Oriflame Cosmetics located?

Oriflame is a leading company in direct sales of cosmetics and wellness. We are present in more than 60 countries, of which we are the market leader in more than half. Oriflame has its origins in Sweden, with corporate offices in Switzerland.

Which is the best month for Oriflame Cosmetics?

• The qualification period for the Offer is valid from 1st July – 31st July, 2021. The Sponsor Program Products will be awarded in August 2021 with BP order (Order above handling limit – Rs. 2,500).

When do Oriflame sponsor program products get awarded?

The Sponsor Program Products will be awarded in August 2021 with BP order (Order above handling limit – Rs. 2,500). • Oriflame reserves the right to substitute the Sponsor Program Products for other similar products / Oriflame Products of equal or higher value in the event of out of stock situation.

What is maximum speed bonus for Oriflame Cosmetics?

In the event the Brand Partner is unable to meet the level target for any given month as per Clause 3, he/ she will be disqualified from this Program. The maximum Speed Bonus amount an eligible Brand Partner can receive under this Program is restricted to PKR. 12600.