Where can I get paintball tanks filled?

The first place to look for tank filling is at your local paintball store and competition field. Most shops and fields have the equipment to safely fill compressed air tanks, and some will fill them for free. However, you’re more likely to pay one to three dollars for every 1,000 psi.

Does Home Depot refill Co2 tanks for paintball guns?

Unfortunately, Home Depot is unable to refill Co2 tanks in its stores. Other retailers such as Walmart, Airgas, Amazon, and more are able to provide Co2 refills, with some even offering the service in-store. You can also fill your own Co2 tanks at home if this is more convenient.

Does Walmart fill paintball Co2 tanks?

Even though Walmart does not refill Co2 tanks, there are plenty of other places that do! If you need to get your Co2 tank filled in time for a paintball game, then you can go to any paintball store or paintball field. Most will offer tank refills and charge a fee for you to use this service.

Can you fill a paintball tank at a gas station?

Portable Air Tanks can be filled at almost every gas station that has an air pump. However, paintball air tanks would need to be filled at paintball refill stations.

How much does it cost to refill paintball CO2 tanks?

You can easily charge $5.00 per fill of a 20oz CO2 tank which is a profit of about $4.00 per fill. Average fill at any sporting good or paintball store in USA is $5.00.

Can you fill up a paintball tank with an air compressor?

There are specialized air compressors used for refilling paintball gun air tanks. Most players however refill their tanks in one of two places: (1) the paintball gun playing field or (2) the paintball gun store. They will let you use the air compressor for a small fee.

What’s better CO2 or compressed air for paintball?

Compressed air’s main advantage is consistency. The more consistent pressure results in much more consistent performance. Compressed air is marginally affected by temperature, unlike CO2, making it great for cold weather and electronic guns. Most paintball fields charge for all-day compressed air fills.

Can you fill a paintball CO2 tank with an air compressor?

You could fill your CO2 tank with compressed air and find out that your gun’s fire rate has slowed or even stalled completely. This could completely derail your paintballing fun. To avoid shooting issues, it’s important not to put compressed air in your CO2 tank.

Why do they use CO2 in paintball guns?

When carbon dioxide changes into gas from its liquid state it expands which creates pressure, this pressure is used to fire the paintball via the barrel. Co2 re-fills are relatively inexpensive and the tanks are compact yielding more shots than compressed air.

What does a fill station in paintball mean?

The fill station refers to the complete set of fitting and valves that let you do the actual transfer fill from the bulk tank to the small paintball canister. They come in a variety of styles. You’ll want to choose what’s appropriate based on how many tank fills you plan on doing.

Can You Fill your own paintball tank at home?

Setting up your own CO2 fill station will let you fill paintball tanks for personal or commercial use.This can save you a trip to the store by filling your tank at home or a more robust sytem can fill all the tanks in a rental fleet or even customer bottles at a store.

Where do you get the CO2 for paintball?

Bulk tanks are your supply of CO2. These contain the liquid CO2 that you’ll be putting in the small paintball bottle. These are typically acquired from your local welding supply shop and come in a varitey of sizes from 10lb to 125lb.

Which is the best paintball tank filler?

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