Where can I go to see vintage posters?

The Vintage Poster is a brick and mortar gallery where you are personally invited to view these original antique posters. Each individual vintage poster is available for your inspection. A Certificate of Authenticity with embedded photograph comes with each antique poster.

Are there any copies of the sold out posters?

A collection of our favorite posters, prints and originals! A mix of super rare and hard to find classics to new up and coming artists. Like all of the inventory you find on our site, our feature products are authentic editions from the original runs as noted in the description. We do not sell any reproduced or counterfeit posters.

What kind of posters do poster plus carry?

For over 40 years Poster Plus has carried a wide variety of Original Vintage Posters. From 1890’s European advertising to Travel Posters. From WPA, Political Propaganda Posters, and Circus Posters to Fine Art & Artist exhibitions. Questions about poster conservation and restoration?

What do you need to buy a Pearl Jam poster?

Reputable collectors must have proof of purchase, COA’s and or other forms of provenance. We purchase large collections in good condition at wholesale prices. No damaged, counterfeit or reproduced prints. No consignment. We’re especially interested in collections containing: Pearl Jam, Kaws, Hebru Brantley, Tom Petty, Emek and Bob Dylan.

Can you sell a reproduction of a poster?

The Association members have strict guidelines to ensure the authenticity of the posters they offer for sale and to promote ethical and fair business practices. We do not sell reproductions; only originals from France, Italy, Germany, England, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, America and beyond.

Which is the rarest type of travel poster?

Rare original archival linen backed stone lithographic Italian travel poster: CAPRI Italia. If you’re longing for a little “dolce far niente” (pleasant idleness), this lovely image of the Italian island of Capri will inspire you.

Who is the artist of the train poster?

Artist Mario Borgoni designed this stone litho poster, one of a series… Rare, Linen backed original travel by train to California vintage poster. FAST LIMITED TRAINS DAILY TO CALIFORNIA. LOS ANGLES LIMITED; SAN FRANCISCO – OVERLAND LIMITED.