Where can I take CPR classes?

Where to Take CPR Courses. You can likely take CPR courses at your local community college or through a department of public health near you. Community-based courses follow standards set by the American Heart Association (AHA). These courses lead to a CPR certification, which lasts two years in most cases.

How can I learn CPR?

To learn how to perform CPR, follow these simple steps: Step 1: Shake and shout. Step 2: Check for normal breathing. Step 3: Call 999. Step 4: Give 30 chest compressions. Step 5: Give two rescue breaths. Step 6: Repeat until an ambulance arrives.

Where can I get free online CPR certification?

American BLS offers CPR certification online through the website. You can get certified in CPR by taking the Free CPR/BLS Course, passing the assessment exam, and then ordering your official certification documents. Online CPR certification costs $18.95. However, the CPR course and exam are always free at American BLS.

What is a certified CPR class?

CPR certification for non-healthcare professionals is a class that teaches students the basics of cardiac resuscitation and rescue breathing. Usually conducted over a 2-day period, most courses consist of instruction in proper chest compression techniques and special resuscitation circumstances concerning the young and the elderly.

What is first aid CPR course?

CPR first aid training teaches individuals what steps to take to ensure a person who is not breathing, or does not have a heartbeat, to continue to receive oxygen-rich blood to the major organs, especially the brain.

What is Red Cross CPR certification?

American Red Cross CPR for Workplaces, Schools, and Individuals First Aid/CPR/AED: The course prepares you to respond in a cardiac, breathing or first aid emergency. This is the American Red Cross’ flagship certification course for non-professionals.