Where can I watch season 1 of the 100 for free?

Watch The 100 Online with CWTV.com or CW Seed You don’t have to log in or anything and it’s totally free. You do have to navigate through some commercials, though so just be aware of that. The 100 is on CWTV.com anytime, as long as the show is on the air and you only need to watch the current season.

Where can I stream the 100 season 1?

Currently you are able to watch “The 100 – Season 1” streaming on Netflix, DIRECTV or buy it as download on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store.

What is the 1st episode of the 100?

The 100/First episode

Who was in the first episode of the 100?

Among them is 17-year-old Clarke Griffin, the daughter of the Ark’s chief medical officer and chief engineer; Wells Jaha, the son of the Chancellor Jaha; the daredevil, Finn Collins; the illegal sister, Octavia Blake and her stowaway brother, Bellamy Blake; the lighthearted Jasper Jordan and the resourceful Monty Green …

Why is Season 7 of the 100 not on Netflix?

The CW and Netflix have a deal whereby all of their shows that premiered before 2019 come to the streamer eight days after their season finales air on The CW. This meant that, once The 100 Season 7, Episode 16 aired on The CW on Wednesday, September 30, the clock started ticking on when the show comes to Netflix.

Why is the 100 not on Netflix?

The 100 came to Netflix as part of a pre-existing deal with The CW. Once a show’s final season has hit that kickstarts a countdown for 5 years. Season 7 of The 100 arrived on Netflix back in October 2020 meaning that we’re expecting the show to be removed in October 2025, specifically, October 8th, 2025.

Why is season 7 of the 100 not on Netflix?

Are all seasons of the 100 on Netflix?

The seventh season of the show debuted on Netflix rather than The CW in 2020 and, in turn, the entire series is available on Netflix. The 100 is included for free with a Netflix subscription, but you can still pay to stream the show elsewhere in the U.S.

Why did The 100 get Cancelled?

On March 12, 2020, Warner Bros. Television shut down production on all of their shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, writer Kim Shumway confirmed they were able to complete filming for their seventh season.

Who was left on Earth in The 100?

Who Survives in The 100 Series Finale? When humanity transcends, Clarke Griffin is left behind; because she failed the test, she cannot transcend. (“Your actions must have a cost,” The Judge tells her.)

Which country Netflix has the 100 season 7?

Sorry, The 100: Season 7 is not available on Philippine Netflix but it is available on Netflix Canada. With a few simple steps, you can change your Netflix region to Canada and watch The 100: Season 7 and many other movies and shows not available on Netflix Philippine.

Why did the 100 get Cancelled?

What happens in Episode 1 of the 100?

Summary: 100 young criminals that have been living in space on The Arch have been sent to Earth to test if it has become inhabitable after 97 years of being abandoned after a nuclear war. S1:E13. We Are Grounders, Part 2 S1:E12. We Are Grounders, Part 1

What was the last song on the 100?

The 100 season 1 episode 10 “I am become death” during the final moment, when the girl is brought back by her boyfriend after putting the bomb, and the other girl is looking in jealousy. What’s that song? It has a nice drumline to it.

Is the 100 a good show to watch?

No consensus yet. Not enough ratings to calculate a score. Difficult decisions about the fate of the human race are faced in the opener of this series, in which juvenile prisoners from a space-station society are exiled to Earth decades after the planet was destroyed by nuclear war.

When is I Am Become Death in the 100?

The 100 season 1 episode 10 “I am become death” during the final moment, when the girl is brought back by her boyfriend after putting the bomb, and the other girl is looking in jealousy.