Where did the word scads come from?

scad (n.) c. 1600, Cornish name for a type of fish (also known as horse mackerel) abundant on the British coast; of uncertain origin, perhaps a variant of shad. OED compares Welsh ysgaden “herrings,” Norwegian dialectal skad, Swedish skädde “flounder.”

What does Klinkhammer mean?

Klinkhammer Name Meaning Dutch: metonymic occupational name for a blacksmith, probably a journeyman’s name, meaning literally ‘sound the hammer’.

What is the origin of the surname death?

It is in fact derived from the Old English dēaþ meaning “death”. “Perhaps for someone who played the part of Death in a local pageant,” the dictionary states. “The spellings de’Ath , de Ath , D’Eath, are post-medieval, introduced to dissociate the name from the negative connotations of the word,” it said.

What does scads stand for?

Spontaneous coronary artery dissection — sometimes referred to as SCAD — is an uncommon emergency condition that occurs when a tear forms in a blood vessel in the heart.

Is SKAD a word?

To trace and analyze the emergence and development of these discourses on the Chinese Internet, this project takes the sociology of knowledge approach to discourse (SKAD) (Keller, 2011, 2012)….SKAD.

Acronym Definition
SKAD Survival Kit – Air Dropable
SKAD Sk Advertising (UK advertising agency)

Is a Klinkhammer an emerger?

The Parachute Flies are so called because of the hackle tied at the top of the hook shank. The design makes it look like a parachute. Klinkhammer Flies are a special type of parachute fly whereby the thorax of the fly is designed to dip through the surface of the water, imitating an emerger.

What does a Klinkhammer fly imitate?

The Klinkhammer imitates the emerging caddis fly. The caddis fly is one of the most prolific flies found in rivers and streams and most species follow a similar lifecycle to the one pictured above.

Is death a real name?

Last name: Death Recorded as Dart, Darte, Darthe, Death, Dearth and possibly others, this is an English surname of two possible origins.

What are some creepy last names?

Creepy Last Names From Fiction

  • Addams, the iconic creepy last name popularized by ‘The Addams Family’ franchise.
  • Ahab, the captain from ‘Moby-Dick’ written by Herman Melville.
  • Ames, the antagonist from ‘East Of Eden’ written by John Steinbeck.