Where does the Lumber River Basin start and end?

The Lumber River is located in south-central North Carolina in the flat Coastal Plain. The river’s headwaters are known as Drowning Creek; the waterway known as the Lumber River extends from the Scotland County-Hoke County border 115 miles downstream to the North Carolina-South Carolina border.

How many miles of streams and rivers are included in the Lumber River basin?

The Lumber River is one of the state’s four Nat – ural and Scenic Rivers, and an 81-mile portion of the river is designated a National Wild and Scenic River.

Where does the Lumber River End?

Little Pee Dee River
Lumber River/Mouths
The Lumber River bisects Robeson County. The recreational facilities are at the Princess Ann Landing in southeastern Robeson County near the towns of Orrum and Fair Bluff. The river ends in South Carolina, where it joins the Little Pee Dee River about 8 miles (13 km) south of the state line.

How many miles is the Lumber River?

199 km
Lumber River/Length

Can you swim in the Lumber River?

“There is nothing more refreshing than swimming in the Lumber River in the middle of the summer when the river is so nice and cool, and many of the other swimming places around here are way too warm to be comfortable.

Where does the Lumber River basin start?

Drowning Creek
The Lumber River begins at the headwaters known as Drowning Creek, in the counties of Moore and Montgomery, in the Sandhills ecoregion. This area is largely forested with the populations in the upper portion of the basin primarily concentrated around Southern Pines, Pinehurst and Aberdeen.

Can you swim in Singletary Lake?

Visitors can embark on a learning adventure to discover the wonders of the Carolina bay ecosystem, and campers can swim in the lake’s waters from a 500-foot pier. Singletary Lake State Park is the managing office for pier and buoy permits and all state lake regulations for White Lake and Bay Tree Lake.

Where does the Lumber River Basin start?

Does Lumber River flood?

The Lumber, which flows through a flat coastal plain in south-central North Carolina, has been designated as a National Wild and Scenic River. As well as being one of the most highly prized recreation sites in the state it can also, unfortunately, be a source of flooding.

Why is the Lumber River Black?

Leached tannins from vegetation decay along the river leave the water clear and acidic and give it its golden brown color. The Lumber River’s black waters make this ecosystem appear mysterious and intriguing.

What is the climate of Lumber River basin?

For Lumberton, Lumber River Basin is the river basin. Lumberton is in the coastal plain (topography). Lumberton’s average low temperature is 50.5 degrees F, the average high is 73.2 degrees F.

Is Jones lake open for swimming?

Swimming: The sandy beach of Jones Lake is ideal for sunbathing and the shallow water is a swimmer’s delight. Swimming is permitted only in the designated swim area. A bathhouse is located nearby and a concession is operated from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.