Where in Wales is Freshwater West beach?

About Freshwater West Beach Located north-west of Castlemartin, this beach is wide, sandy and backed by an extensive system of dunes which are fragile so no camping or barbeques are allowed. There’s a rocky reef at the southern end and some quiet bays at the other.

How do I book swimming at Freshwater Beach?

You can book your slot by calling 01308 896001, emailing: [email protected] or at the Jurassic Fun Center Reception. Please come swim-ready.

Is Freshwater Beach private?

A private haven for families and children – for sun worshippers, swimmers, wind-surfers, walkers and sea fishermen”. Freshwater Beach Holiday Park is located in the South West of England in the beautiful county of Dorset. Spend a wonderful seaside vacation on the coast, making the most of the private beach.

Is Freshwater West safe for swimming?

Entering the water at Freshwater West can be very dangerous. It is home to large breaking waves, rip currents, submerged rocks and sandbanks.

What beach is Dobby’s grave at?

Freshwater West
Freshwater West has become a mecca for Harry Potter fans, as the location of Shell Cottage in the Deathly Hallows movies – where Dobby the house elf died and was buried. You can visit his “grave” on the beach and leave your own tribute – a definite bucketlist activity for any potterheads who visit Bluestone.

Is Shell Cottage still there?

Although Shell Cottage has long since gone, you can visit the location of this iconic landmark. The Shell Cottage has now been removed from the beach, but Potter fans still flock to the beach in search of Dobby’s grave and to walk in the footsteps of Harry, Hermoine and Ron.

Can you swim in FreshWater Bay?

Freshwater Bay A pebble beach situated under towering chalk cliffs, this stunning bay is great for swimming, boating and long brisk walks all year round. There are some sandy parts at the more eastern side of the bay and a rock ledge at low tide which is excellent for rockpooling with the children.

Can you swim at FreshWater beach?

This south-westerly facing beach has the best waves in the county BUT it’s only for the experienced and strong swimming surfer. The beach is wide, sandy, and backed by an extensive system of dunes.

Can you swim at Freshwater beach?

Is Freshwater beach sandy?

The beach is covered in a mixture of grey flint and chalk pebbles that make a unique sound as the waves rise and fall onto the shore. There is sand below the low water mark and some sandy areas to sit if you walk to the more eastern side of the bay.

What has been filmed at Freshwater West?

Freshwater West has featured in two films – Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood and also Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where it was used as the backdrop for Dobby’s Shell Cottage, which was built on-site down to the smallest detail including the seaweed.

Where is Dobby’s grave postcode?

It’s part of South Pembrokeshire which is a popular place to stay in West Wales and you can find your accommodation here before reading on for HP travel tips! The Freshwater West postcode is SA71 5AH for your sat nav.

Where is Freshwater West Beach in Pembrokeshire?

Freshwater West Beach is a long strip of sandy beach which is backed by the extensive dune system of Broomhill Burrows. It is an area with a fascinating history as it was once used by smugglers as a place to stash their booty. Located on Wales’ exposed west coast the beach at Freshwater West picks up all…

How to find the postcode for freshwater Australia?

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What kind of beach is Freshwater West Beach?

Freshwater West Beach is a popular destination for experienced surfers. Freshwater West is a wide sand and rock beach backed by cliffs, sand dunes and a promenade. Located north-west of Castlemartin, this beach is wide, sandy and backed by an extensive system of dunes which are fragile so no camping or barbeques are allowed.

How to contact Freshwater Beach Dorset holiday park?

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