Where is Bungoma found?


Bungoma County
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap Location in Kenya
Coordinates: 0.5695° N, 34.5584° E
Country Kenya
Sub-Counties Bumula Bungoma Central Bungoma East Bungoma North Bungoma South Cheptais. Kimilili-Bungoma Mt. Elgon.. Bungoma West. Tongaren Webuye West Mt. Elgon Forest*

How many sub-counties are in Bungoma?

9 sub-counties
Bungoma County is one of the 47 Counties in Kenya and is divided into 9 sub-counties: namely Bumula, Kanduyi, Sirisia, Kabuchai, Kimilili Tongaren, Webuye West, Webuye East and Mt Elgon.

What is the population of Bungoma town?

Top 2 list

City/ Town Population
40. Kisii 183,000
41. Wajir 82,800
42. Rongo 82,066
43. Bungoma 81,151

Who is the governor of Bungoma?

Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati is a Kenyan national and politician currently serving as the 2nd Governor of Bungoma on a Ford Kenya ticket. Wangamati came to power after defeating Kenneth Lusaka in the 2017 election.

How long is from Nairobi to Bungoma?

407 km
Yes, the driving distance between Nairobi to Bungoma is 407 km. It takes approximately 5h 50m to drive from Nairobi to Bungoma.

Which county is Bungoma?

Bungoma is a town in Bungoma County of Kenya, bordered by Uganda in the west.

How many sub counties are in Busia county?

seven sub-counties
The County is divided into seven sub-counties namely: Bunyala, Matayos, Butula, Nambale, Samia, Teso North and Teso South.

What is Bungoma known for?

Bungoma county is sugar county, with one of the country’s largest sugar factories, as well as numerous small-holder sugar mills. Maize is also grown for subsistence, alongside pearl millet and sorghum. Dairy farming is widely practised, as well as the raising of poultry.

Who is the Governor of Vihiga County?

Wilber Khasilwa Ottichilo (born September 23, 1952) is a Kenyan politician, and the current Governor of Vihiga County having trounced Reverend Moses Akaranga in the 8/8/2017 elections.

Who is the Governor of Busia County?

Sospeter Odeke Ojaamongson is a Kenyan politician….

Sospeter Ojaamong
Constituency Amagoro
Personal details
Nationality Kenyan
Political party ODM

How much does it cost from Nairobi to Bungoma?

The affordable way to get from Nairobi to Bungoma is to bus. Nairobi to Bungoma bus fare $8 – $20 and takes 8h.

How much does it cost to get from Bungoma to Nairobi?

The cheapest way to get from Bungoma to Nairobi is to bus via Mumias which costs $7 – $16 and takes 8h 42m. What is the fastest way to get from Bungoma to Nairobi? The quickest way to get from Bungoma to Nairobi is to drive and fly which costs $80 – $220 and takes 2h 34m.

What is the population of Bungoma County Kenya?

Bungoma County is a county in the former Western Province of Kenya. Its capital is Bungoma or Bungoma Town. It has a population of 1,375,063 and an area of 2,069 km 2. In 2010, the neighbouring Mount Elgon District was eliminated and its lands were merged with Bungoma District to form Bungoma County.

Who are the largest manufacturers in Bungoma County?

Rai Paper, formerly Pan-African Paper Mills (East Africa) Limited, is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the county. The company, which was incorporated in 1969, is based in Webuye Town and manufactures paper products.

Where is Pan Paper located in Bungoma County?

The company, which was incorporated in 1969, is based in Webuye Town and manufactures paper products. Pan Paper, as it was commonly known, struggled and eventually collapsed in 2009 due to a myriad of factors, including mismanagement.

Who is the current governor of Bungoma County?

Currently, Kenneth Lusaka was the first Governor 2013 to 2017 followed by the county is headed by Dr Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati and deputised by Professor Charles Ngome. They took office in 2017 after Kenneth Lusaka the first Governor lost reelection second term reelection in 2017.