Where is Dobinsons suspension made?

Built In 1991 Dobinsons moved to its current location in Rockhampton, and in 1994 Reg retired leaving Glen and Keith as directors of the ever-growing company.

Is coil spring same as suspension?

Coil spring suspensions provide more range of suspension movement and allow the user a wider turning envelop through the suspension range than the leaf springs. Practically all high-performance applications use coil springs where possible if the budget permits.

Which suspension is better coil or leaf spring?

Leaf springs are better for heavier vehicles and those who may need to haul more weight. They’re also simpler but less adjustable than coil springs. Coil spring suspension systems are better for performance driving as you can fine-tune your suspension. They offer greater comfort and flexibility for improved handling.

What is constant load suspension?

What is a Constant Load Spring? In simple terms, a constant load spring is one that will hold a constant load at a specified height. So when we say ‘constant 300kg’ we’re saying the vehicle will be 40mm above standard height, when 300kg is in the rear of the vehicle.

How good is Outback Armour suspension?

Outback Armour has included more progressive bump stops, which are taller and softer, to progressively absorb impacts, and they bloody work a treat! Hit a speedbump at any speed, and the suspension just soaks it up – it’s as good as a 2005 SR HiLux can ride with a bolt-on kit.

Is Dobinsons Australian made?

With over 60 years of experience manufacturing in Australia, Dobinsons Springs and Suspension are no strangers to providing the highest quality spring and suspension components, and their range of leaf springs is no exception.

Do extended shackles lift the car?

Extended shackles are a low cost method of increasing rear vehicle lift between 30-40mm, and they give you an extended range of travel with increased droop. In some circumstances they enable the installation of longer leaf springs, which brings better suspension.

What is the advantage of coil spring?

The coiled steel makes the spring stronger than the metal would be if it retained the original straight shape. The heating and coiling process also helps strengthen the metal, making it possible to use less metal to hold larger weights.

Which suspension system is best?

Multi-link and dual wishbone systems are the holy grail of suspension designs, allowing engineers to achieve agile handling without compromising ride quality.