Where is Elgon mountain?

Elgon has the largest volcanic base in the world. Located on the Uganda-Kenya border it is also the oldest and largest solitary, volcanic mountain in East Africa. Its vast form, 80km in diameter, rises more than 3,000m above the surrounding plains.

Who was the first European to see mountain Elgon?

explorer Frederick Jackson
This pool lies in the shadow of the 4,165m high Jackson’s Peak, a free-standing volcanic plug rising from the western flank of the mountain. These features were named after the explorer Frederick Jackson, who in 1889 was the first European to climb Mount Elgon.

Does Mt Elgon have a crater lake?

Elgon contains crater covering over 40 kms at the top of the mountain, surrounded by a series of rugged peaks.

Which district in Uganda is Mount Elgon located?

Mount Elgon (left center) is located on the Uganda-Kenya border, in Western Province, north of Kakamega, west of Kitale….

Mount Elgon
Wagagai (summit)
Mount Elgon (left) and Great Rift Valley (right)
Highest point
Elevation 4,321 m (14,177 ft) Ranked 17th in Africa

Can Mt Elgon erupt?

Mount Elgon is believed to have first erupted about 24 million years ago and last erupted 10 million years ago, so it’s the oldest and largest volcanic mountain in East Africa. This is because the ultimate goal is not the final ascent to the 4321-metre Wagagai Peak, but the descent into the vast caldera once there.

What is the highest extinct volcano?

Mount Elgon, extinct volcano on the Kenya-Uganda boundary. Its crater, about 5 miles (8 km) in diameter, contains several peaks, of which Wagagai (14,178 feet [4,321 m]) is the highest.

Is Mt Rwenzori a volcanic mountain?

Unlike most African snow peaks, the Ruwenzori is not of volcanic origin but is a gigantic horst of six separate glaciated masses, reaching a high point in Mount Stanley at Margherita Peak (16,795 feet [5,119 m]). The Ruwenzori is economically important for copper and cobalt deposits, mined at Kilembe, Uganda.

Do we have volcanoes in Uganda?

The Mufumbiro Mountains are three of the Virunga volcanoes that are found in Uganda. The virunga volcanoes are volcanoes found across the border of Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Is Mount Longonot active volcano?

Longonot appears to currently be in an effusive portion of its activity cycle. Still, it has formed at least two calderas over the last 21,000 years. And an active volcano within 30 km of 410,000 and 100 km of 8.3 million (mostly in Nairobi) is one that should be treated with a great deal of respect.

What to do in Mountain Elgon National Park?

Welcome to Mountain Elgon national park located in eastern uganda which features various safari activities like sipi falls trekking, safari lodges & accommodations, recommended tours, nature walks as the top things to do & see.

How did Mount Elgon National Park get its name?

The park is named after Mount Elgon, an extinct shield volcano on the border of Uganda and Kenya. Mount Elgon National Park is uniquely split down the middle by the Kenyan-Ugandan border.

Where is Mount Elgon National Park in Africa?

Location in Africa. Location of Mount Elgon National Park. Mount Elgon National Park is a national park 140 kilometres (87 mi) northeast of Lake Victoria. The park covers an area of 1,279 square kilometres (494 sq mi) and is bisected by the border of Kenya and Uganda.

Which is the highest peak in Elgon National Park?

The park comprises of the prominent mountain elgon an exciting trekking destination in Uganda about from the Rwenzori Mountains that visit uganda for mountaineering tours. The highest peak of Elgon is Wagagai Peak which can be hiked either using Uganda side or Kenya Side.