Where is Tyrone Prothro now?

Post-Football career On July 27, 2016, it was reported that Tyrone Prothro was hired by the Carolina Panthers as an intern coach for training camp, working with his former head coach and current offensive coordinator Mike Shula. He is now back in Tuscaloosa working at Wagners.

What happened to Jaylen Waddle Alabama?

Waddle’s injury was a combination of a high-ankle sprain and a fracture to his right ankle, per Nick Saban on Oct. 24 to ESPN. The injury came on the opening kickoff against Tennessee.

When did Tyrone Prothro break his leg?

Prothro, a named plaintiff in the O’Bannon lawsuit, appeared headed toward an NFL career until he broke his leg in 2005.

What bone did Jaylen Waddle fracture?

Alabama junior wide receiver Jaylen Waddle suffered a fractured ankle on the opening kickoff of the Crimson Tide’s game vs. Tennessee on Saturday, coach Nick Saban said. The injury is expected to sideline one of college football’s most dynamic offensive players for up to three or four months.

Who is Stephanie Prothro married to?

Quintin Prothro
Prothro earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education from Alabama in 2007. She and her husband, Quintin Prothro, currently reside in Northport, Ala.

How old is Tyrone Prothro?

37 years (May 24, 1984)
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Which Alabama players will go pro?

Here is where Alabama’s top players are projected to land:

  • Mac Jones. Jones has become one of the hottest topics in the draft as analysts and fans debate his ceiling against other top quarterbacks.
  • DeVonta Smith.
  • Jaylen Waddle.
  • Patrick Surtain II.
  • Najee Harris.
  • Alex Leatherwood.

Does Waddle hurt?

Miami Dolphins rookie Jaylen Waddle got caught up on a run play and appeared to hurt his knee against the Atlanta Falcons. He hobbled down the sideline for a bit and appeared to be in a lot of pain. He is now in the blue medical tent being evaluated.

Who broke their leg in college football?

Arkansas defensive end Dorian Gerald suffered a broken leg in practice Wednesday that will end his college career, according to a report.

What was Tyrone Prothro injury?

Tyrone Prothro (2005) Prothro made a great catch for Alabama against the Gators and fractured both major bones (tibia and fibula) in his leg. Prothro sadly was not able to make a comeback to the game of football after his injury.

Is DeVonta Smith injury?

The 2020 Heisman winner, former Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith, has been sidelined from recent training camp activities and a preseason game due to a tweaked knee, an injury he suffered during a practice. The injury, while minor, should be fully healed by the time the season open for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Is Quintin Prothro related to Tyrone Prothro?

He fully understands the state we are in today with the coronavirus and the fight against racial injustice/police brutality, but anything that can be provided to help Prothro will be appreciated. Prothro and Stephanie VanBrakle Prothro, wife of his brother Quintin, have even started a Go FundMe account for the funeral.