Which accent is used in Australia British or American?

The General Australian accent serves as the standard variety of English across the country.

Is Australian accent different from British?

English and Australian accents are similar in many ways, still, they have their differences. The British English accent is easier to understand than Australian accents, mainly because the English accent uses the pronunciation of full words whereas the Australian accent uses pronunciation of continuous words.

Is Australian English more like British or American English?

Australian English is most similar to British English in spelling and sentence construction, although its accent and vocabulary are very distinct from the UK.

What are the different Australian accents?

The Australian accent has three varieties namely: Broad associated with the late Steve Irwin. General , associated with the 27 th Australian PM, Julia Gillard. Cultivated, associated with actress Cate Blanchett.

Are there different accents in Australia?

Within Australia, there are three different types of accents — broad, general and cultivated. Broad would be associated with a more “bogan” type accent, cultivated sounds slightly more English and general sits somewhere between the two.

What are the key features of an Australian accent?

The Australian accent is famous for its vowel sounds, absence of a strong “r” pronunciation and the use of an inflection – or intonation – at the end of sentences, which can make statements sound like questions. According to Felicity, the way vowels are pronounced is the most peculiar feature of Australian English.

What are the different types of British accents?

The different types of British accents British Accents Geordie Cockney Multicultural London English (MLE) Scottish English West Country (Southwest British) Midlands English Welsh English Estuary English (Southeast British)