Which airport in Brussels does Ryanair fly to?

airport Brussels National Zaventem
Book a flight Ryanair at the airport Brussels National Zaventem (BRU)

What airports fly direct to Brussels?

Direct flights to Brussels are available from Belfast-City, Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London-Heathrow, Manchester and Newcastle airports. Note that Brussels has two airports: Brussels International Airport (BRU) and Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL).

What destinations does Ryanair fly to?

18 Exciting Places You Can Fly to with Ryanair

  • London Stansted – Naples.
  • Manchester – Zadar.
  • Edinburgh – Malta.
  • London Stansted – Corfu.
  • London Stansted – Ponta Delgada.
  • London Stansted – Kosice.
  • Leeds Bradford – Ibiza.
  • Birmingham – Murcia.

Where do you fly into for Brussels?

There are two airports that serve Brussels; Brussels Airport (BRU) and Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL). The closest airport to the city centre is Brussels airport just 7.5 miles away and using the fast Belgian Rail (Airport-Zaventem railway station), will get you into central Brussels in 17 minutes.

Are there 2 airports in Brussels?

Brussels has two international airports servicing premium and budget airlines alike. One is at the edge of Brussels city and the other one 55km (36 miles) southward. Below you can find info on transport, hotels, parking and more for both of them.

Does Charleroi Airport have a train station?

With bus A operated by TEC you can travel every 30 minutes between Charleroi Airport and Charleroi, the last stop is the main railway station of the city (Charleroi-Sud). The location of the train station is just south of Charleroi’s city centre. A journey with bus A takes 20 minutes.

Do easyJet fly to Brussels?

easyJet flies into and out of Brussels International Airport which is located approximately 15 km north east of the city centre.

Which UK airports fly direct to Belgium?

The main international hub of Brussels Airport (BRU) is flown to by Brussels Airlines, with flights from major UK airports including London Heathrow, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Do Ryanair prices go down last minute?

These are common questions travellers ask when searching for the cheapest Ryanair airfares. The short answer is YES. Ryanair prices do go down and the chances for it to happen depends on the time left to departure. It shows that the likelihood of price drops decreases as time gets closer to departure.

Is Ryanair better than EasyJet?

In most cases, EasyJet is better. It offers a better flying experience thanks to larger carry-on allowances and less airport hassles because you don’t need to get your boarding pass stamped. Its flight attendants are nicer, and the overall experience seems slightly more high-end than that of Ryanair.

Is Brussels expensive to visit?

Brussels is not a particularly expensive city, so if you organize your trip ahead of time you will manage to spend very little compared to other European capitals.

What can I do in Brussels with Ryanair?

Check out Ryanair Rooms for great value deals on hotels, apartments and places to stay in the city. Fly to Brussels and prepare for a city break full of art, architecture, amazing food, and of course, the Atomium. Brussels has a huge amount for you to see and do.

What are the destinations of Ryanair flights to?

The following is an overview of all Ryanair flights and destinations: Armenia. Gyumri LWN. Yerevan EVN. Austria. Salzburg SZG. Vienna VIE. Belgium.

What to see on a flight to Brussels?

Start to make an itinerary when you book your flights to Brussels so that you get the most from your break and see as much as possible. Some of the ‘must-sees’ are the Grand Place and its incredible museums, the European Parliament building, the Atomium, the chocolate shops, the Cantillon Brewery, the comic book murals, and the Royal Toone Theatre.

When is the best time to book a flight to Brussels?

If you like to see your cities bathed in sunshine, summer is undoubtedly the best time of year to book flights to Brussels, and Brussels’ gilded baroque buildings do look beautiful in the sunlight… But Brussels is busy at this time of year too, and you might prefer a little more space to yourself when you visit.