Which district is farakka?

Murshidabad district
Farakka is a town, with a police station and a post office, not identified in 2011 census as a separate place, in the Farakka community development block in the Jangipur subdivision of Murshidabad district in the state of West Bengal, India.

What is Farakka Agreement?

The Ganges Treaty3 between India and Bangladesh is an agreement to share surface waters at the Farakka Barrage near their mutual border. But the treaty, which was signed in 1996, divides water flow without sharing the value and uses of the river between the two countries.

What is Farakka Barrage issue?

When India commissioned the Farakka Barrage (just upstream of the India–Bangladesh Border) on the Ganges in 1975, the dry season flow into Bangladesh reduced significantly. This eventually resulted in a dispute over the sharing of the dry season flow between the two countries.

Which state is Farakka dam?

West Bengal
Farakka Barrage Township/State
Farakka Barrage is located in Murshidabad and Malda districts of West Bengal at about 300 km North of Kolkata. It is one of the largest barrage of its kind in the country having a Feeder Canal for a flow of 40000 cusec (1135 cumec) whose bed width is wider than that of Suez Canal.

What Ganga is called in Bangladesh?

The Ganges River originates in the Tibetan Himalayas. The river flows through northern India and enters Bangladesh where it becomes the Padma River. Once the Padma reaches the centre of Bangladesh, it joins with the Brahmaputra, or Jamuna, as it is known in Bangladesh, where the two join and form the Meghna River.

Does Ganga flow in Bangladesh?

For most of its course the Ganges flows through Indian territory, although its large delta in the Bengal area, which it shares with the Brahmaputra River, lies mostly in Bangladesh. The general direction of the river’s flow is from northwest to southeast.

Why is farakka famous?

The Farakka Barrage was created by India in 1975 to divert water from the Ganges River to the Bhagirathi-Hoogly river system. The barrage diverts water from one of the most populated basins in the world, the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna basin. There are 54 transboundary rivers between India and Bangladesh.

What is Ganga called in Bangladesh?

the Padma
In West Bengal in India, as well as in Bangladesh, the Ganges is locally called the Padma.

Which river is called Meghna in Bangladesh?

Hint: The combined flow of the Ganga (Padma in Bangladesh), the Barak river and the Yamuna river is known as Meghna in Bangladesh. Complete answer: The river basin of Brahmaputra consists of the Ganges too, along with the Barak River originating in India.

What is river Ganga called in West Bengal?

In West Bengal in India, as well as in Bangladesh, the Ganges is locally called the Padma. The westernmost distributaries of the delta are the Bhagirathi and the Hugli (Hooghly) rivers, on the east bank of which stands the huge metropolis of Kolkata (Calcutta).

What is the name of Ganga in Nepal?

Gandaki River
The Gandaki River, also known as the Narayani and the Gandak, is one of the major rivers in Nepal and a left bank tributary of the Ganges in India….Gandaki River.

Gandaki River Narayani
Map showing the Ghaghara and Gandaki tributaries of the Ganges
Country Nepal, India

Where is Farakka Barrage Township in West Bengal?

Farrakka Barrage Township is a census town in Farakka CD Block in Jangipur subdivision of Murshidabad district in the state of West Bengal, India .

Which is the nearest bus service to Farakka Barrage?

The transport is also facilitated by routine bus service from Township TTS to PTS (falling under NTPC) and vice versa at stipulated timings every day. The township is served by New Farakka Junction.

Which is the most important project of Farakka Barrage?

Economy. The Farakka Barrage Project under the Indian Ministry of Water Resources is an important local project. Farakka Super Thermal Power Station of NTPC Limited (formerly National Thermal Power Corporation) has of 2,100 MW capacity is located at Farakka. The NTPC-Farakka has 85 km long Merry Go Round Railway transporting coal…

What are the names of the places around Farakka?

There are several places around Farakka, such as Farakka Barrage Township, Nabarun, Beniagram, Srimantapur, Puran Chandipur and Sahebnagar, which are in effect neighbourhoods of Farakka, but either identified as separate Census Towns/ villages or not identified separately in 2011 census.