Which is the best Chinese smartphone brand?

TOP 10 Chinese Smartphone Companies Going Global in 2020

  • Honor. Honor was founded in 2013 by Huawei as an attempt to enter the low-mid range smartphone market, which had been taken over by Xiaomi.
  • Huawei.
  • Lenovo.
  • OnePlus.
  • OPPO.
  • Xiaomi.
  • ZTE.

What is the number 1 phone in China?

Huawei and HONOR combined took the top spot in the market, capturing 41% share in 2020. Apple was the only brand to witness a positive YoY growth in the market in 2020.

What are the best smartphones not made in China?

Listed here are some of the best non-Chinese smartphones that offer great performance and are available in varied price brackets:

  • Samsung Galaxy M31.
  • Apple iPhone 11.
  • Nokia 8.1.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite.
  • LG G8X ThinQ.

Which is best phone except Chinese?

Best Non Chinese Smartphones

Best Best Non Chinese Smartphones Models Price
Samsung Galaxy M32 ₹14,806
Samsung Galaxy M51 ₹18,149
Samsung Galaxy A52 ₹27,499
Apple iPhone 11 ₹49,900

What is the number 1 phone brand in the world?

Samsung is King, For Now At Least Samsung remains the top smartphone manufacturer—at least for now—capturing almost 19% of the global market in 2020.

Which phone is not made in China?

Phones not made in China Phones from Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Motorola, TCL, Apple, Google, and others are made in China. There are security concerns from Chinese handsets; Huawei is not deemed safe for sale by US government due to security concerns. Their latest devices don’t include Google apps and services.

What mobile phone is not made in China?

The LG G8X ThinQ is a flagship device from LG that is not manufactured in China. The smartphone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The device has a dual-camera setup on the rear with a 12MP primary and a 13MP ultra-wide lens.

Why Chinese phones are so cheap?

One of the most commonly known reasons for the low prices of the Chinese smartphones is the low cost of the labor force. China has some of the lowest labor costs in the world, and that’s the main reason why many manufacturers build products there.

Which is the best smart phone in China?

Leagoo was started in 2009 and they are official partners of the English football club, Tottenham Hotspur. They make smartphones, smart home appliances, smart lighting equipment and so on. They are one of the top Chinese smartphone brands and arguably make the Best phone in China, the M13. Leagoo Smartphones 2021

Are there any good smart phones in 2016?

Back in, say, 2012, you could only trust the big names for a quality phone, but not in 2016. This is why it bugs me so much that mainstream media in the west (I’m talking about the general news sites, not the dedicated tech sites, which mostly do a great job) write about Apple and Samsung phones as if they’re the only two players in the game.

Is it safe to buy a Chinese phone?

In fact, these phones are super popular worldwide. Chinese smartphones are reliable, but when it comes to very new brands in the market that has no name, you need to be a bit careful, as their smartphones might not be up to a certain standard. .

Why are there so many Chinese smart phones?

There has been a surge in the market of Chinese Smartphones. The min reason is that these phones are very high functioning android phones. They even come for much cheaper price in comparison to other smart phones. The features from facial recognition to awesome cameras, these phones have it all but for a much reasonable price.